Page Elements

Please be sure to read the documentation thoroughly before using page elements.

Basic Page Layout Elements

  • Documents and Files - how to link to documents and files
  • Headings - how to properly organize page content
  • Images - how to select and size banner and inline images
  • Tables - display tabular data in a responsive way

Advanced Page Layout Elements

Displaying Remote Content

We often need to display content from other systems, we have setup the following components and snippets in Omniupdate to allow that:

  • Calendars of Events - display events from a Google Calendar
  • Contact Lists - display contact information from Binghamton University's communications directory
  • Course Listings - display course information from Binghamton University's Student Information System
  • News Feed - display categorized news stories from BingUNews
  • Testimonials - display categorized testimonials from BingUNews
  • Videos - display videos from providers like YouTube and Vimeo