OU: Calendar of Events

The Events Calendar Component lets you embed a feed of upcoming events from a Google calendar. The calendar must be publicly viewable. Google Reference.


  • Google Calendar ID - something like "binghamton.edu_b86h0lu203kngmrfjrma9ac3gk@group.calendar.google.com"
  • Format
    • "upcoming" - shows basic title, time and location.
    • "all" - shows the full description.
  • # of Events to Show - the number of events to show
  • Full Calendar URL - link to a "More Events" page


  • # of Events to Show is only relevant if the format="upcoming"
  • Quite often a department will use this twice. They'll setup a 4-5 event "upcoming" list on a homepage with a "full calendar" link to an events page. On that events page they'll list the entire calendar of events with the "all" format.


More Events