Contact List Component

The Contact Listing Component pulls Telecom data from the University's Telecommunications directory upon page publish. This allows consistent formatting and accurate content. As changes occur to the directory, the information on your page will automatically update accordingly upon re-publishing the page.


  • PODS ID(s) - a comma separated list the users' PODS IDs (for example: schatter,sdionne)
  • Format - the format of the listing (examples shown below)
    • Default
    • List
    • Headshot
    • Profile
  • Additional Info - additionally display any combination of the following fields
    • Research Interests
    • Teaching Interests
    • Clinical Interests
  • Profile Link - a link to a Full Profile page


  • For headshots, images must be uploaded as jpgs into the directory using the PODS ID as the filename. (ex. "jsmith.jpg")
  • If changes are made to the Telecom directory, the page must be re-published for these changes to be reflected on the page.

People with Multiple Telecom Entries

If the person has multiple entries in the Telecom directoy and you wish to specify one, you must append that directory ID to the PODS ID with a colon. For example: hstenger:58E00D956970A191DF69F2FB4F86E9F3