Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Presentations

Financial literacy presentations for students are available upon request — please contact us.

Financial Literacy Tools

SUNY Smart Track

Today's finance and economic environments are at times confusing and complex to understand. It is important for our students to gain as much knowledge as they can in these areas. To enhance the student's college experience and as part of the SUNY Smart Track initiative, SUNY has developed a system wide financial literacy tool for students. This program will assist you in every facet to achieve your education goals and build the foundation for a healthy financial future. Once you create your personal account and log into the program, you will see detailed courses on budgeting, credit cards, identity theft and many more!

Please pay special attention to the various tabs this tool has to offer. You will notice we have supplied you with an array of pertinent "Articles" on financial management. You will find these articles to be a tremendous resource especially as your collegiate career progresses and life poses financial questions for you to address.

As you continue to explore and navigate the tool, use the "Calculators" tab. This tab will assist you as you prepare for your life journey. You can determine whether or not the purchase of a new car is in your budget, and/or the time value of money such as if you start saving and investing now, how much your investment will be worth in the future!

We truly hope you enjoy using the SUNY Smart Track financial literacy tool and find this resource to be valuable. Please know the Binghamton University community is here to help you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us with any questions.