How to register

Semester Mini-Course Deadlines

Helpful Course Registration Information:

Log in to BU Brain

  • Access BU Brain via the Portal
  • Enter your User ID and password
  • Click on the BU Brain icon on the left side of the main Portal page

BU Brain image

  • Once in BU Brain, select the 'Student' tab

 student tab view

  • Select 'Registration' menu item

BU Brain registration

View Time Ticket

  • Select 'Prepare for Registration'

prepare for registration

  • Select TERM (i.e., Fall 2023)

select term

  • View Registration Status Messages (i.e., Student Status, Academic Status, Holds, Time Ticket)

Register for classes

  • Select 'Register for Classes' menu item

registration view

  • Select TERM (i.e., Fall 2023)
  • Select 'Continue'

Use the schedule of classes to make your course selection:

Add a course:

  • Search the schedule of classes for the course you want to register for.
  • Select 'Add' at the right hand corner for the course you want to register for. This will send the course to the summary panel (bottom right of the screen).
  • To register for the selected classes, go to the summary panel and select 'submit' to register for your added course(s). You must click 'submit' to register for the course.
  • Reminder: Courses may be added until the add/drop deadline.
  • Note: The number of credits you are registered for may affect tuition, billing, financial aid, and academic progress.

Remove, drop, or withdraw from a course:

  • To drop a class before the course drop deadline, go to the summary panel and on the action column,  select 'web drop.'
  • To withdraw from a class before the course withdrawal deadline, go to the summary panel and on the action column, select 'web withdrawal.'
    • Note: when you withdraw from a class, you will receive a course grade 'W' on your academic transcript.
  • Click 'submit' to update your schedule.
  • Reminder: Courses may be dropped until the add/drop deadline. After the add/drop deadline courses may be withdrawn until the course withdrawal deadline.  Check here for deadlines on our main page.
  • Note: The number of credits you are registered for may affect tuition, billing, financial aid, and academic progress.

To add yourself to a waitlist:

*Registering for a waitlist works the same exact way as registering for any other classes.*

Useful video tutorials about waitlist registration errors:

Register for a linked course from a waitlist notification

Register for a course from a waitlist notification
Register for a linked course from a waitlist notification

  • If a course has a waitlist option, select 'Add' to the right of the course. 
  • Find the course in the summary panel and select the drop down menu.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and hit 'Waitlist'. Then, press 'Submit' located on the bottom of the page.
  • You will see a confirmation message that says 'Waitlisted.' 
  • After you have signed up on the waitlist, confirm that you are properly placed on the waitlist by going to View Registration Informationt > Select Term > Select View Active Registrations tab.

26163 PSYC 344 Research Methods 0.000 Undergraduate Waitlist Apr 17, 2022

*Note that the course does not bear any credits (since you are waitlisted) and that it says "Waitlist on Date."

Important Things to Know about Waitlists:

  • Check your email every 12 hours to see if you have received an email from the registrar that says that a seat has become available. You have 18 hours to add yourself to the course from the time you received the email (not when you open the email). If you do get the email, you must add yourself to the course on BU Brain by going to "Register for Classes" and selecting "Web Register" from the same drop-down menu as when you were signing up on the waitlist.
  • Putting yourself on the waitlist does not mean that you are guaranteed a spot OR you are enrolled in the course.
  • If you get an email offering you a seat in the course that you no longer want to take, please drop the course as soon as possible so that other students can enroll.
  • Each department has a different way of implementing waitlists, so please contact your department directly if you have any questions regarding waitlists. Best of luck with registration!

Please Note: 

  • If you are taking a Mini Course (part of term course), please be sure to check the 'Semester Mini Course Dates and Deadlines' that are posted at the top of this page for important information about deadlines to add, drop or withdraw from a course. Also be sure to check the Student Accounts website for financial liability information and deadlines.

Registration Reminders

  • If a course is comprised of a lecture (LEC) AND an associated activity -- lab (ACT), discussion group (DIS) or seminar (SEM) – be sure to also input the corresponding CRN(s) at the same time; if you don’t, you will receive an on-screen system error. If you are unsure if there is an associated activity, please review the course description found in the schedule of classes.

Register for a linked course
Identifying course restrictions and pre-requisite requirements

  • If you attempt to register for a course that requires department approval or the instructor's signature, you will get an error message. Please see the department or instructor for approval. If approved, the department offering the course will register you.

  • You are considered a full-time student if you are registered for at least 12 credits. No more than 18 credits may be scheduled each semester without permission from your school. You are considered a part-time student if you are registered for less than 12 credits in a semester.
  • The number of credits may affect tuition, billing, financial aid and academic progress. Be sure to regularly discuss course selection with your academic advisor.
  • Course numbering at Binghamton University assists students in quickly identifying the level of courses available to undergraduate students
    • All undergraduate courses are numbered 100-499; 100-299 are considered lower-level courses and are typically courses taken by freshmen and sophomore students, while 300-499 are considered upper-level courses and are typically taken by students who have been officially accepted into their major, have fulfilled required prerequisites, and/or are considered juniors or seniors. Often, special topic courses are identified with 80s as the last two digits; and courses ending in 90s are 91 - Teaching Practicum; 95 - Internship; 97 - Independent Study; and 98 or 99 Honors/Thesis. Note: students may not register for Independent Study or Internship courses online via the BU Brain. Students must contact the appropriate academic department to register.
    • Internship listings and details are available online via e-recruiting through Binghamton University Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development website (CCPD).
  • Section Numbering– If a course is comprised of a lecture (LEC) AND an associated activity - lab (ACT), discussion group (DIS) or seminar (SEM), then you must register for each course section, which is identified with a letter and several numbers.
    • Example (please reference chart below): When registering for Intro to Chemistry, identified as subject (Subj)/course (Course) CHEM 101, you will have to register for a lecture (LEC) and a lab (ACT). There is only one lecture section (A 0) to choose from, and four lab sections (A51, A52, A53 or A54) to choose from. To successfully register, you must enter two CRNs - one for the lecture (CRN 10155) and one for a lab (CRN 10603, 10174, 10183 or 10604).
  • General Education Requirements, also referred to as Gen Eds, are required undergraduate courses designed to expose students to a variety of academic areas – Composition (C), Oral Communication (O), Foreign Language, Pluralism in the U.S. (P), Global Interdependencies (G), Laboratory Science (L), Social Science (N), Mathematics/Reasoning (M), Aesthetics (A) and Humanities (H) . They are detailed in the Course Listing under the column defined with “Gen Ed.” All students should consult their academic advising office, University Bulletin and DegreeWorks report via BU BRAIN Self Service for details.
  • Any questions about your selection of courses should be directed to your school's academic advising office or advisor.

Unable to register for a semester?

Be sure to check BU Brain for messages about why you are unable to register for courses. Go to the “Student” tab. One or more of the following may be affecting your account:

  • Missing required documentation, such as health forms or final high school/college transcripts
  • Financial holds, such as parking tickets, unpaid student account balance, library fines, etc. Review the message/information and contact the appropriate office indicated. A hold is not instantly cleared and requires up to 24 hours to be reflected on a student’s account, and may delay registration.
  • A student’s registration window or time ticket may not correspond with the time one is attempting to register; too early or past registration deadline date.
  • If you have missed three consecutive major semesters (Fall/Spring/Fall or Spring/Fall/Spring), you are required to re-enroll before being able to register for courses. Obtain a re-enrollment application now

NOTE FOR STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD: Participation in a Binghamton University or another SUNY study abroad program or the National Student Exchange program does not require you to re-enroll. If you are participating in a non-SUNY program, and you will not be enrolled for three consecutive major semesters at Binghamton University, you will be required to re-enroll before being able to register for courses. Obtain a re-enrollment application now.