Health and Wellness Studies Minor

The Health and Wellness Studies minor is designed to complement and enrich interdisciplinary learning at Binghamton University.


Students will critically evaluate scientific literature and research related to health, wellness and disease prevention. This knowledge will be applied to effectively assess, plan, motivate and implement health-promoting behaviors and cultivate lifelong wellness to diverse populations.

These educational experiences provide students with the understanding to integrate core concepts and to pursue careers in health and wellness. Our mission is to provide a broad foundation in the concepts of health promotion and wellness education to encourage healthy living both personally and professionally.


The Health and Wellness Studies minor consists of four core courses and 10 elective HWS credits (no more than two courses can be designated as a "B" General Education requirement). The total number of credits required for the minor is 24.

Core courses

  • HWS 233/NURS 220: Stress Management (2 credits)
  • HWS 331/NURS 311: Contemporary Health Issues (4 credits)
  • HWS 332/NURS 312: Nutrition (4 credits)
  • HWS 336/NURS 313: Science and Application of Exercise (4 credits)


  • 10 credits of HWS courses with no more than two courses designated as a "B" Gen Ed requirement

Required GPA

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for students who wish to minor in Health and Wellness Studies.

Application Procedures

To apply, complete this application. Be sure to include a personal statement and a copy of your up-to-date unofficial transcript as requested on the application.

Additional Information