Policies and Procedures

Academic Honesty Policy

As part of Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the Division of Health and Wellness Studies adheres to the Decker College Academic Honesty Policy.


All Health and Wellness Studies courses have attendance requirements. Most HWS courses are held in the West Gymnasium; however, students should note the location of the class when they register. It is the policy of Health and Wellness Studies that any registered student who does not show up for the first two class meetings can be officially dropped from the course by the department at the discretion of the instructor.

Some courses meet for only half of the semester; it is the student's responsibility to know the start and end date as it appears on BU Brain and/or the course syllabus.


Students with a temporary or permanent disability, after being examined by the University physician, may be assigned to the Adaptive, Corrective, Rehabilitative (ACR) course or depending on the nature of the disability, may request a waiver. A waiver does not grant credit for a course not taken, nor does it reduce the credit hours required for graduation.


Students who register for a Health and Wellness activity course are liable for a nonrefundable locker/towel fee in accordance with the University's Tuition and Fee Refund Policy available through Student Accounts. This fee is mandatory; you must pay this fee whether or not you use the locker/towel service.

Pay close attention to the course description, as some courses have additional fees associated with them (e.g., scuba).

Graduate Students

Graduate students may audit HWS courses on a "space available" basis and are not allowed to advance register.

Grievance Policy

As part of Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the Division of Health and Wellness Studies adheres to the Decker College Grievance Policy.

Pool Reservation Requests

Organizations wishing to reserve the West Gym pool for recreational and sport-related activities must complete the West Gym Pool Request (agreement-pool-use.pdf) in this Google folder. The form must be submitted to the Health and Wellness Studies Office a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to secure staffing. 

The written request can be sent via e-mail to lhrehor@binghamton.edu or mailed to:

Binghamton University
Dept. of Health and Wellness Studies
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902


Health and Wellness classes fill quickly. Students are encouraged to begin fulfilling the requirement early in their academic career as postponing could cause scheduling difficulties in the senior year.

Skill Level

Activity-based courses are at the beginner skill level unless otherwise indicated. Intermediate and advanced courses that do not have specific prerequisites do require some mastery of knowledge and skills. Students should realistically assess their skill level before registering for a course beyond the beginner level. Students who are unsure of their skill level are encouraged to consult with the instructor prior to registering. NOTE: Students can be dropped from a course by the instructor if their skill level is not appropriate to the class.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits may be accepted from other academic institutions if the course is equivalent in contact hours and content to that offered at Binghamton University. Credits may not be transferred from nonacademic agencies such as health spas, fitness clubs, karate schools, dance schools, etc. Students intending to take a Health and Wellness course at another institution should receive prior approval. A course description, contact hours and credit value for the course will be required in determining if the course credit is transferable.