Program Outcomes

Binghamton University’s online Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program is designed to prepare graduates to:

  • Develop critical evaluation skills to assess theoretical and scientific evidence in selected practice arena
  • Apply clinical reasoning to make use of and interpret the effectiveness and worthiness of selected intervention principles and approaches for an individual, a community or society
  • Assess the adequacy of existing measurement tools and their validity for use in measurement of clinical and functional outcomes
  • Recognize unmet needs of an individual, community or society and using translational science, attend to those needs through collaboration with other professionals for the delivery of high-quality care
  • Interpret and apply scientific findings to solve a specific, practical issue affecting an individual or a group in the context of broader sociocultural issues related to interdisciplinary practice and functional outcomes
  • Advocate for social policy reform to assure equalities and justice in access to healthcare delivery
  • Complete a defendable capstone project presentation that is informed by the course of study and the capstone experience to earn an OTD