Program Outcomes

Binghamton University’s Division of Physical Therapy recognizes that healthcare is ever changing and that complexity is the natural state of affairs. 

Interprofessional Education

Contemporary practice requires competence in interprofessional skills to assume new roles in nontraditional areas. The Division of Physical Therapy's mission embodies contemporary practice by focusing on community and public health. 

The professional programs within Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences provide opportunities to learn with, about and from other disciplines to develop a more holistic view of healthcare. Students will be prepared for the future of healthcare delivery through the evidence-based interdisciplinary education they will receive at Binghamton. 

The Division of Physical Therapy aims to produce physical therapists who are lifelong learners who can consume, critically appraise and produce evidence in their area of expertise to provide patient-/client-centered care and maximize function, health and quality of life. 

Innovative Learning Approaches

The Division of Physical Therapy provides learning environments and opportunities that allow students to take risks and to develop characteristics of curiosity, motivation, growth mindset, grit and resilience.

Faculty in the Division of Physical Therapy use Master Adaptive Learner principles throughout the curriculum. Students will learn these principles to succeed as future physical therapists in the constantly changing healthcare environment and to promote lifelong learning. Future physical therapists must continually learn, adjust and innovate as new information and best practices evolve.


Students in Binghamton’s Division of Physical Therapy program are prepared to:

  • Recognize, develop and leverage the characteristics of intellectual curiosity, motivation, growth mindset and resilience that are essential to developing as an adaptive learner. 
  • Participate in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) professional organization.
  • Participate in activities that enhance/benefit the Binghamton/Broome County community.

Graduates of Binghamton’s Physical Therapy program are prepared to:

  • Provide patient-/client-centered, evidence-based physical therapy encounters aimed at maximizing the function, health and quality of life of those served in a variety of practice settings and populations. 
  • Use assessment, data and feedback during practice as a clinician, administrator, educator, researcher, consultant or advocate. 
  • Collaborate with interprofessional teams demonstrating ethical and professional behaviors while adhering to all legal practice standards.  
  • Engage in efforts to improve the healthcare experience for the communities they serve.