Teaching Laboratories

Location: Health Sciences Building, sixth floor (Health Sciences Campus)

The Division of Physical Therapy has three dedicated laboratory spaces in addition to instructional rooms that support the full cohort of students. All classrooms have smart classroom audiovisual equipment and internet connections, offering full multimedia capability.

Motion Analysis Research Laboratory

Location: West Gym, Rooms B202/B203 (Binghamton University Vestal campus)

Known as the MARL, the Motion Analysis Research Laboratory is a high-tech facility that creates opportunities for immersive and dynamic learning experiences for students.

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

Location: Academic Building B, Room 108 (Binghamton University Vestal campus)

The Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory is a cadaver-free, cutting-edge teaching space that supports physical therapy anatomy and physiology education. 

Innovative Simulation and Practice Center

Location: Health Sciences Building, second floor (Health Sciences Campus)

Decker College’s Innovative Simulation and Practice Center, accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare for assessment and teaching/learning, enables students to practice skills taught in the didactic curriculum in a safe and supportive environment. Faculty, peers and recordings of the simulated events encourage self-reflection on performance and build confidence for future clinical experiences. This allows for practice of high-stakes skills in a low-stakes environment.