Holistic Review

The holistic review used by Binghamton's Division of Physical Therapy refers to a mission-aligned admissions policy that takes into consideration applicants’ experiences, attributes and academic metrics to consider the whole applicant rather than disproportionately focusing on any one factor.

Holistic review assesses an applicant’s unique experiences, values and attributes alongside traditional measures of academic achievement. It places academic measures in the context of the applicant’s life experiences, with a particular focus on adversities overcome, challenges faced, advantages and opportunities encountered, and the applicant's demonstrated resilience in the face of difficult circumstances.

It is designed to help the division consider a broad range of factors reflecting applicants' academic readiness, contribution to the incoming class and potential for success both in school and later as a physical therapist. 

The Division of Physical Therapy is searching for students who can contribute to their community, the University and the physical therapy profession. We value students' experience and attributes that match those of our program. 

Division Mission

Review the mission of the Division of Physical Therapy. 

We Seek Students Who Have Key Attributes

  • Life experiences
  • Growth mindset
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Willingness to take risks in learning
  • Motivated
  • Up to a challenge
  • Possess the values of the Division of Physical Therapy