Program advising

When you enroll in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program, you will be assigned a professional advisor from Decker College's Division of Advising and Academic Excellence, as well as a faculty advisor from the MPH program.

Professional advisors from Decker's Division of Advising and Academic Excellence are available to guide you from pre-admission through graduation. In addition to professional staff, Decker peer advisors have extensive training and are regularly available to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Professional and peer advisors will work together to help you understand your admissions requirements, orient to the MPH program, establish a relationship with your faculty advisor and progress to graduation in a timely fashion. 

Your faculty advisor will help you develop a program plan that supports your academic success. You will have an opportunity to assess your academic progress, skill development and achievement of public health competencies at the beginning of the program and each semester thereafter.

Your faculty advisor can also provide guidance on career opportunities and assist you with field placements that align with your professional interests.

You are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average. if you encounter difficulties, your faculty advisor is an important resource for a range of support services.

You are responsible for scheduling regular meetings with your faculty advisor to assess your progress, and you should promptly contact your faculty advisor to address any questions or concerns that arise in between your meetings. 

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