Major and Minor Forms

Major and Minor Declarations

The Economics department has a two attempt/drop policy. This is a section of the Economics Department Polices from the 2020-2021 Bulletin.

There are no requirements to declare a BA as major; however, no course for the major may be taken more than twice. For statistics and calculus courses, it will be considered as two attempts if students take two similar courses that have different course numbers (for example, MATH 220 and MATH 224/225). Students who fail to receive a grade of C or better in two attempts at core courses will be dropped from the major. Students who achieve grades of B– or better in both college-level statistics (such as MATH 147 or ECON 366), and MATH 224 and 225 may change their major to any of the BS degrees. A grade of B- or better in MATH 220 is acceptable in lieu of MATH 224/225 for the BS Financial Economics degree and the BS in Economic Policy Analysis degree.

If a student has already had two attempts and failed at Econ 160, 162, 360, calculus, or statistics, before they have declared the major; that includes any combination of calculus (e.g. Math 220, Math 221, or both Math 224, 225) or statistics (e.g. Econ 366, Math 147, Math 148, Math 448, CQS 112, or PSYC 243). They will not be allowed to declare the major. If you have not yet taken these requirements you will be allowed to declare the BA.

Once you have completed one of the forms it will take 1-2 business days for the department staff to process the form. You will receive an email from the registrar’s office when your major has been declared or changed in BU Brain. Remember, it will take several more business days for this change to be processed in Degreeworks. Theses are not automated systems.

Use the Declaration of Major for first time declarations of majors or minors.

Use the Change of Major form for any change within the economics major or minor. For example: to change from a BA to a minor, or if you want to change from a BA to one of the BS majors. Make sure you meet the requirements before changing to one of the BS options. Make sure you also meet the requirements before changing from a major to the minor. Check the minor summary for details.

If you want to drop the major or minor use the Drop of Major/Minor form.