Honors Thesis Program

J.C. Liu Senior Honors Thesis Program


The J.C. Liu Honors Thesis Program is named in honor of the late Jung-Chao Liu, professor of economics. It is a two-semester program comprised of:

  • ECON 498, Honors Research Design, taken in fall of senior year

  • ECON 499, Honors Thesis, taken in spring of senior year

Honors students who write a thesis are able to work closely one-on-one with a faculty member they choose on a topic of interest to them. Some past Honors papers have led to publication in professional journals. Study with a chosen faculty member gives that faculty member a basis for later writing a substantive letter of recommendation. To earn the designation of honors, high honors or highest honors in economics, you must complete your honors thesis and turn it in on time.

You will be admitted to ECON 498 only if you have a 3.3 GPA in economics courses and a 3.0 GPA overall.

If you think you might want to write a senior honors thesis discuss it with the Economics Department Director of Undergraduate Studies some time prior to the first semester of your senior year.

If you want to write a thesis but you are planning to graduate in December or finish your degree in less than four years, discuss your situation with the Economics Department Director of Undergraduate Studies.