Lock Down

A “lock down” of the Binghamton University campus is not a reasonable expectation for students, staff, faculty or emergency responders. The large campus contains thousands of occupants, over 85 buildings and is the size of many local municipalities. There is no quick or effective method of locking all doors and/or moving the entire campus community to a secure location.

Upon the recommendation of public safety officials, or when there is a significant security concern, the University will make every reasonable attempt to immediately increase security on campus. At the same time emergency personnel are responding to the emergency situation, the following actions may occur at the discretion of public safety officials:

  • Communicate the hazard to the Binghamton University community (see Emergency Notification Methods for further information).
  • Secure all four gates entering and leaving the campus thus preventing people from entering into a dangerous situation.
  • Deactivate the ability of a known perpetrator to use his/her campus ID to enter buildings equipped with card access.

If you receive an official emergency communication notifying you of a hazardous situation where you must take immediate action to protect yourself, stay as calm as possible and follow these procedures:

First, ensure your own safety.

Only you will be able to determine the safest course of action that should be taken:

  • Move to the nearest location that can be secured by a locked door, remain quiet and do not do anything that will draw attention to you OR,
  • Leave the area and quickly move to a safe location.

Notify University Police

  • Campus phone: 911
  • Cell phone: 607-777-2222

Assist others

  • Allow other trusted individuals into your secure location.
  • Instruct them to remain calm and quietp

If you know where the intruder (or source of the security threat) is, contact University Police immediately.

When the security threat is over, uniformed University police officers will move through the entire area and notify everyone that the threat is gone.