Emergency Notification

Important: National Emergency Notification Tests

On October 4th, 2023, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be undertaking a nationwide emergency alert test. This test will send alerts to all TVs, radios and cellphones. 

In conjunction with FEMA, Binghamton University will use this opportunity to perform a test of our own emergency alert systems, including B-Alert and our outdoor siren. The University’s test is set to begin at 11:55am, while FEMA’s test will be conducted at 2:20pm. 

What to expect: For Binghamton University’s test, everyone registered with our B-Alert system will receive texts and emails at the same time. When our outdoor siren begins, it may or may not be accompanied by a voice message. During an actual emergency, whether you can hear voice instructions or not, you should head into the nearest building and seek out further information. 

As for FEMA’s test, the phone notifications will appear as text accompanied by a special alert tone and appearance (in a similar manner to AMBER Alerts). The TV/Radio broadcast will last approximately one minute, and be reminiscent of public broadcasting monthly test messages. Both tests will clearly indicate their status as such, and no action will need to be taken at those times.

Due to the size of our campus community, there is no single notification method capable of reaching our entire population all of the time. To reach as many people as reasonably possible during critical incidents, Binghamton University employs multiple methods that are capable of being used simultaneously.

Click here for an overview of all of the emergency notification methods available at Binghamton University, or follow the links below.

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