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Harpur Palate

Harpur Palate is Binghamton University's acclaimed national literary journal published twice a year. Harpur Palate affords graduate students in the Creative Writing program valuable hands-on editorial experience through publishing, supervisory, and team-building development. For questions and to learn how to get involved, contact


Hannah Carr-Murphy, Co-Editor

Hannah Carr-Murphy is a poet and musician from Black Hawk County, Iowa. Previously, Hannah worked as Production Coordinator for North American Review at University of Northern Iowa and as Layout/Design Editor for An Focal at University of Limerick, Ireland. Currently, Hannah is a Ph.D. student and writing instructor at Binghamton University. 


Jamey McDermott, Co-Editor

Jamey McDermott is a fiction writer and Ph.D. student in Creative Writing at Binghamton University. He grew up in the metro Atlanta area and received his M.F.A. from Georgia State University. For questions, please email Jamey at