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Nirav Patel


Environmental Studies Program


Nirav Patel is a trained natural and social scientist with a PhD from Cornell University. He has expertise in the dynamics of coupled natural and human systems (CNH).

His work emphasizes experiential learning and the Food-Energy-Water nexus in the Anthropocene as a universal point of introduction to the interdisciplinary nature of planetary and global health.

Research Interests

  • Social-ecological systems
  • Food-Energy-Water nexus (FEW nexus) and ecosystems of global health
  • Social and behavioral aspects of sustainability
  • Integrative sustainability science
  • Natural resource management
  • Coupled human-environment system

Teaching Interests

  • FEW nexus and One Health in the Anthropocene
  • Urban ecology and GIS
  • Integration of UN-SDGs in sustainability science
  • Nature of place and people

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