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 Environmental Studies Faculty

While the Environmental Studies Program is located within the Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies, it is an independent program and is overseen and controlled by the Environmental Studies Committee. The committee is comprised of professors from a variety of academic disciplines, which makes the program very comprehensive. The core members of the committee and their disciplines and teaching responsibilities are:


Photo of Richard E. AndrusRichard E. Andrus – Environmental Studies and Biology; Associate Professor of Environmental Studies. – PhD, 1974, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (shown above standing next to a sphagnum moss hummock in Chile, South America).  Teaches introductory Environmental Studies (Envi 101), Forests, Environment, and Civilization (Envi 326), Environmental Literature, Evolving Local Sustainability, Ecological Agriculture (Envi 325), and courses in biology.




Photo of Mark A. BlumlerMark A. Blumler – Geography; Associate Professor of Geography – PhD in Geography, 1992, University of California at Berkeley.  Teaches Natural Hazards (Envi 330) and a host of courses in geography and biogeography.





Photo of Joseph R. GraneyJoseph R. Graney – (Director of the Program) Environmental Geochemistry; Associate Professor of Geological Sciences – PhD in Geology, 1994, University of Michigan.  Teaches the second Environmental Studies introductory course (Envi 201), Pollution (Envi 121), Environmental Hydrology (Envi 342), and other courses in geology.




Rob Holahan Robert Holahan - Environmental Policy; Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies - PhD in Political Science, 2011, Indiana University.  Teaches environmental policy analysis and sustainability.




George Homsy George Homsy - Sustainable Communities and Regions; Assistant Professor Public Administration - PhD in City and Regional Planning, 2013, Cornell University.  Teaches Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Communities.




Photo of Neha KhannaNeha Khanna
– Environmental Economics; Associate Professor of Economics – PhD in Resource and Environmental Economics, 1998, Cornell University.  Teaches courses in environmental economics.




Photo of Peter L.K. Knuepfer

Peter L.K. Knuepfer – Geomorphology; Associate Professor of Geological Sciences – PhD in Geosciences, 1984, University of Arizona.  Teaches  Environmental Impact Statements (Envi 413) and additional courses in geology.  On leave at SUNY University Faculty Senate, 2013-2015.




Photo of Christopher Knappistopher Morgan-Knapp – Normative and Environmental Ethics; Associate Professor of Philosophy – PhD in Philosophy, 2001, Rutgers University.  Teaches Environmental Ethics and Policy (Envi 149) and advanced courses in environmental philosophy (such as Sustainability) as well as other philosophy and ethics courses.




In addition, these Adjunct Faculty teach courses in the Program.

Photo of Dylan A. HorvathDylan A. Horvath – Field Ecology; Steward of the Campus Natural Areas – MS in Biology, 2003, Binghamton University.  Teaches Natural History of the Nature Preserve (Envi 327).





Melissa Enoch – Sustainable Development Planner - City of Binghamton, New York.  Teaches Environmental Planning (Envi 413).

Michael Kane – Ecological Agriculture and Organic Farming –  Organic Farmer.  Teaches Ecological Agriculture (Envi 325).

Charles L.E. Wage – Environmental Law – JD, 1987, Duquesne University School of Law.  Teaches Environmental Law (Envi 312).


Director of Environmental Studies Program: Joseph R. Graney

Last Updated: 10/23/15