Environmental Studies Program Faculty

headshot of George Homsy

George Homsy

Associate Professor

CCPA Public Administration

Research Interests

  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable communities and regions
  • Heritage and neighborhood sustainability
  • Community planning across generations
  • Land use and economic development planning
  • Citizen participation in local government policymaking
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headshot of Carl  P. Lipo

Carl P. Lipo

Professor; Professor/Director of Environmental Studies; Associate Dean for Research and Programs

Anthropology; Environmental Studies Program; Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Research Interests

  • Evolution of Past Human Populations
  • Models of Cultural Transmission
  • Methods in Remote Sensing, Geophysics
  • North American Prehistory, Prehistory of the Pacific
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headshot of Pamela Mischen

Pamela Mischen

Associate Professor; Faculty Advisor to the President

CCPA Public Administration; President, Office of the

Research Interests

  • Knowledge management and inter-organizational networks
  • Local government capacity to create sustainable communities
  • Sustainability metrics for communities
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headshot of David W. Mixter

David W. Mixter

Visiting Assistant Professor


Research Interests

  • Archaeology of the Ancient Maya
  • Comparative Studies of Societal Collapse and Recovery
  • Frontiers and Early Complexity
  • Social Dynamics of Urban Landscapes
  • Collective Memory
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
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headshot of Sara Velardi

Sara Velardi


Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies

Research Interests

  • Human dimensions of agriculture and natural resources
  • Agrifood policy
  • Biotechnology in the food system
  • Community engagement in research
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Adjunct Faculty