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About EOP


Mission of EOP

The mission of the Educational Opportunity Program at Binghamton University is to enroll students who meet academic and financial guidelines. We provide support and advocacy for our students from the time of admission through graduation and beyond. The Program is designed to strengthen personal development and assist in building academic skills as students transition to the University's social and cultural environment.

Office of Opportunity Programs

The Office of Opportunity Programs provides oversight to Educational Opportunity Programs that enable access and provides academic and financial support to disadvantaged students who have the potential to study at the baccalaureate level and beyond. Oversight responsibilities include program leadership, policy development/implementation, fiscal planning and management, performance monitoring, data collection and reporting. See more

History of EOP

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) was officially recognized by SUNY Central in Albany and Binghamton University in 1968.

EOP's purpose is to fulfill New York State's commitment to provide opportunity and access to higher education for economically disadvantaged students who possess great potential to succeed in college.

During the Civil Rights Movement in 1967, then first-year Assemblyman Arthur O. Eve, 141st Assembly District, gave further notice to the principles of access and opportunity by developing the appropriation bill that gave birth to the EOP.

The primary goals of the EOP are to facilitate the recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation of its students. This is accomplished by providing EOP students with an array of educationally related support services.

Students accepted to Binghamton University under the auspices of the EOP participate fully in all campus academic and social activities and are held to the same standards as all other students at the University.

Binghamton University's highly successful EOP is committed to providing opportunities to its students so that they may reach their full potential, with a focus on academic excellence, cultural awareness and social responsibility. Through personal attention and academic and cultural support, EOP gives students the tools they need to graduate and pursue their graduate school and career aspirations.

Graduation and Retention Rates

BUEOP is very proud to have one of the strongest programs in the state. Binghamton's EOP has a graduation rate that is higher than the national average, and most colleges. 

EOP boasts a 98% retention rate (freshmen to sophomore) and this exceeds the retention rate of the regularly accepted students here at Binghamton University.

BUEOP Fun Facts

  • Gillian Patrick, an alumni of EOP at Binghamton, is the artist of the Nelson Mandela picture that currently hangs in the University Union's Mandela Room.
  • Orlando Harris '07 is the only person to graduate from Binghamton University with three degrees. He is an alumni of the Decker School of Nursing, College of Community and Public Affairs, and Harpur College of Arts and Science.
  • Louis DelValle '76 '78, former Associate Director of EOP, and his wife Mimi '76 '03, were the founders of LASU (Latin American Student Union) at Binghamton University.
  • Dr. David Garcia '91 is the artist that created the "LASU Man" logo that can be seen in the LASU office in the University Union. This logo is the brand that is used in the LASU office, on their website, and other LASU products.
  • In August of 2013, when President Obama held a "town-hall" meeting at Binghamton University, BU President, Dr. Harvey Stenger and the White House, selected Sabrena Myers to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, and meet with President Obama at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • The student group, Men of Color Scholastic Society was formed due to initiatives that developed from BEP 2007. Dr. James Pogue, a former EOP director, was instrumental in the creation of these student groups.

Last Updated: 10/11/16