Transfer to Bing EOP

EOP transfers will be contacted to participate in the university wide orientations offered in January 2021. Students can see this link below for more information.


The EOP orientation will be held on MONDAY, JANUARY 25TH, 2021, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and allow for transfer students to:

  • Register for classes
  • Be eligible for spring 2021 book check to be processed
  • Introduce them to the EOP staff and
  • Ascertain if they have technology needs

Transfer Class/Course Registration

Registration for the spring 2021 semester begins on January 25th 2021. Once the pre-orientation checklist has been completed, EOP transfer students will:

  1. Be contacted by Harpur Academic Advisors to set up appointments for FACULTY advising. (Here transfers will be able to review transcripts and degree works to ensure that all relevant courses have transferred and have been applied to their degree requirements).
  2. Be contacted by the EOP office to set up an appointment in order to REGISTER for spring 2021 classes. 
  3. Starting January 25th, students will register for classes with their assigned EOP counselor via zoom.

Students MUST register with their EOP counselor to get the code in order to register for classes.

Students are encouraged to sign up for a Zoom account and can see the link below for instructions on how to do this.


To ensure an expedient course registration process students should submit their health and immunization forms to the Decker Student Health Services Center by January 15th 2021.

Note: Submission of this material is in accordance with NYS Public Health Laws, and  ensures continued spring class enrollment.

Transfer students may also need to get TB/Meningitis screenings and these are offered at the Decker Student Health Services Center. Students will be charged for this service. EOP will not cover this cost.