EOP Tutorial Center (UU263)

The Educational Opportunity Program's (EOP) Tutorial Center is a CRLA certified center that is designed to promote and support EOP student academic success through the provision of tutorial and coaching services and resources.

Tutorial Center hours:

Location: EOP/SSS Tutorial Center (UU 263)
Monday - Thursday :10 a.m.–11:00 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: noon–10 p.m.

Contact information:

Phone: (607) 777-4064
Email: eoptuor@binghamton.edu

Ryan Mead, Academic Coordinator
Phone: (607) 777-6867
Email: rmead@binghamton.edu

Mission Statement

The mission of the EOP Tutorial Center is to promote and facilitate tutorial and mentoring services based on:

  • Assistance in specific courses and disciplines that will help in raising the academic achievement of the learner.
  • The development of time management strategies, ways to avoid procrastination, reading and note-taking skills, test preparation, avoiding test anxiety, and mnemonics.
  • The knowledge and communication of resources across Binghamton University.
  • Active and empathetic listening, questioning and critical thinking.
  • Empathizing with the learner yet challenging them through high expectations.
  • The academic, professional, moral and philosophical growth and development of the learner.

EOP/SSS Academic Series

Check the EOP Resource Hub for details on current workshops.

Thinking Like a Mathematician and Sociologist