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BEP Summer Highlight

Welcome 2018 Family,

My name is Tanairy Carbo and I am the Residential Coordinator (RC) for our 2018 Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP). I served in this role for BEP 2017, and I can assure you that it was a blast! We welcomed 179 students to the Binghamton Campus who were eager to kick off their college careers. In setting the foundation for achievement, these students were enrolled in introduction courses to college math and writing. Additionally, students were placed in a Chemistry, Human Development, or Geography course to prepared them for what is to come for the fall semester.

bepOur prized peer counselors (PCs) are trained throughout the semester to develop the skills necessary to aid our freshmen with their transition into Binghamton University. Peer counselors, a graduate assistant, and the BEP resident director worked together as the "Dream Team 2017". The peer counselors, in conjunction with the residential staff, created the theme for the building. This year's theme was "The Justice League" allowing the heroes characteristics and powers to represent what they wanted students to achieve that summer. This theme resonated through the halls and was reflected in the weekend activities and bulletin boards.

Each week, the BEP students attended a variety of campus forums to acquaint themselves with the different resources available to them as Binghamton University students. It is hoped that the presentations created a connection with the students so they could begin a dialogue with these campus offices and allies, which in turn will advance the students' collegiate experience and future career paths.

bepPeer counselors held forums as well. Their topics included successful time management skills, alcohol and other drugs education, student involvement and engagement. This was such a beneficial exchange between the freshmen and their PCs, also allowing the PCs to develop their presentation skills and team-building abilities. The incoming freshmen learn important life skills to succeed here at Binghamton from those who have walked in their steps. Students are offered time to de-stress by playing billiards or bowling in the University Union. We even had a "TBT" moment as we traveled back in time and held a roller skating party. Several opportunities were facilitated by the peer counselors to "break the ice" and to begin to build community. Our students said their tearful goodbyes on Aug. 4th. Having reconnected to the technology that was prohibited during the program, they exchanged social media handles and made promises to reconnect before the fall semester.

We have the opportunity to expand our family every summer through BEP. This year, we are hoping provide this and more for our incoming freshman. EOP's goal is to continue to provide outstanding resources and support for our student. The summer is an opportunity to create the foundation for the college experience you are seeking. We are excited to welcome you to our family, will you accept our invitation?

Last Updated: 2/14/18