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Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP)
Rule Violation Protocol


This page will outline the protocol for all violations of Binghamton University and BEP Policies/Rule and Regulations. Academic, social and residential standards are set in the BEP Policies/Rules and Regulations. All violations will documented in writing. Students found to be in violation of Binghamton University and/or BEP Policies, Rules and Regulations will be provided with the following review process:

1. Verbal Warning/Accountability Discussion

After documenting the details of the violation, student will meet with the Residential Coordinator for incidents occurring in the residence hall, or with their EOP Counselor for an academic incident to discuss the written concerns. Residential outcomes may involve an educational component, task or assignment.

This discussion will allow students to reevaluate their behavior and activities and assist the student in making the necessary adjustment to be successful during the summer program. Meetings will be scheduled during breaks and social hours, or possibly during curfew or mandatory study hours. For residential violations, students may be required to have a follow-up meeting with their EOP Counselor, who will discuss their behaviors and the possible consequences of rule violations.

2. Hearing Board

Students with two or more documented violations may be required to meet with a Hearing Board. The Hearing Board will consist of the EOP Director, Residential Coordinator, and/or the Academic Coordinator, as well the student’s assigned EOP Counselor. The EOP Director will serve as Chair of the Board. The goal of a hearing is to determine the restitution, suspension, and/or expulsion of a student from the summer program, BEP and EOP.

Please note: Alcohol, drug, weapon, theft, violent behavior and/or activities are exempt from the Rule Violation Protocol. These offenses may result in immediate expulsion from the program and by the EOP Director and revocation of your admissions offer to attend Binghamton University, without a hearing.

Last Updated: 6/2/17