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Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP)

The Binghamton Enrichment Program is a mandatory pre-freshman program that provides students with intensive academic development and orientation to the Binghamton University community.

The centerpiece of the program is academic classroom instruction that is offered to strengthen the student's skills in the areas of writing, reading, mathematics, and communication. The Binghamton Enrichment Program also offers the opportunity to complete eight (8) credits and two (2) requirements. Student accepted into BEP are recipients of a scholarship that is used to pay for these credits, fee and textbooks.

In addition to these classes, which students are required to attend, there is also a full schedule of recreational and social activities. To aid in their development, each student is assisted with course registration and take a course designed to familiarize the student with university procedures. Students are assigned to a Peer Counselor who reside in the residence hall with them and facilitate the social and residential activities. The Binghamton Enrichment Program is provided at no cost to the student.

Celebration of Writing

Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP) students are invited to participate in the Celebration of Writing, which is a program that honors and highlights the creative achievements that students have made during their fall writing class. The celebration is an artistic display of components and skills acquired in class and is organized by the writing instructors and the freshmen.

EOP Homecoming

BU's Homecoming is a university wide event that invites alumni to come back to Binghamton to see the exciting changes that have occurred on campus, and to reminisce about their time as an undergrad or graduate student. Alumni are given the opportunity to reconnect with friends, mentors, current students, and to present unique workshops or attend the plethora of events hosted by the university and alumni chapters across the greater Binghamton area. Information about the current homecoming program can be found here.

EOP Recognition Ceremony

At the end of each academic year, students are honored and recognized for their contribution to the University community, the EOP mission, and its students at the EOP Recognition Ceremony. EOP alumni are selected to be the keynote speaker, and an EOP graduating candidate is selected to be the class representative. Recipients for foundation and student recognition awards are identified and selected by a committee of staff, and invited to attend the Recognition Ceremony to receive their awards.

In 2012, after attending the EOP Recognition Ceremony, then new arrival, BU President Dr. Harvey Stenger, was impressed by the uniqueness and personal nature of the EOP Recognition Ceremony. He felt inspired to make changes so that all commencement ceremonies provided an individual experience to the participants much like EOP. The EOP ceremony is open to all who want to see and celebrate the achievement of our students.

Freshmen Research Immersion Program

During the undergraduate admissions process, qualified new EOP BU admittees are identified, selected and invited to participate in the STEM Freshman Research Immersion (FRI) program.

FRI consists of four program streams in the Harpur College of Arts and Science. Invited students can choose to participate in the biofilms-microbiology, the neuroscience, the biomedical chemistry, or the smart energy (chemistry-physics) streams. 

Graduate and Professional School Seminar

In collaboration with the Binghamton University Graduate School, Kaplan, and the Office of External Scholarships and Awards, EOP offers a 2-day graduate and professional school seminar. Here, students are given information about the graduate school application process, funding resources, and Kaplan courses that assist with graduate school testing such as GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT and etc. 

Please note that each semester, Kaplan offers a FREE practice graduate school test at the University or online. These scores cannot be used for graduate school applications.

Last Updated: 12/14/15