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Services EOP Provides


College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Training

Tutoring has been an integral part of the services offered by EOP since its inception in 1969 at Binghamton University. It is a service that the University is now modeling. Together, EOP and the University are preparing to become certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.  All BU students hired to become tutors must be trained and certified.

Tutor training is conducted in collaboration with the University Tutorial Services. This mandatory 15-hour training is an advantage for student development and effectiveness. Training times are offered during the first few weeks of each semester. You can download the application here (please download/save application to PC before filling it in).

EOP Advocacy

EOP encourages students to utilize their most basic right to vote and be cognizant of the current political climate as it pertains to and impacts their education. Actively participating in the "EOP Advocacy Day" in Albany, NY is just one example of effective political involvement that supports the continuation of programs such as the Educational Opportunity Program and empowers students to be an agent of change.

EOP Etiquette Dinner

In collaboration with the Fleishmen Center for Career and Professional Development, the EOP office assists as host and sponsor for EOP students at the "Shine while you Dine: Professional Etiquette Dining and Networking Program". This event gives students tips on how to effectively navigate this portion of a professional or graduate school interview. This preparation allows students to responsibly represent themselves or their organization.

EOP Freshmen Advising Fest

Each fall semester, EOP hosts a Freshmen Advising Fest.  EOP Counselors assist students with scheduling two spring semester courses (students are also pre-registered for a math and writing course). Policy changes and noteworthy updates are shared. During the fest, upper class-men present information regarding their accomplishments and offer advice on securing internships in pre-health, liberal arts, professional schools and other STEM opportunities.

EOP Transfer Mixer

Each semester EOP welcomes incoming transfer students to participate in a mixer that takes place in the evening during the third week of classes. This program provides another opportunity for EOP transfers to mingle with each other, meet continuing transfers, and socialize with all of the EOP counselors and the EOP director. Invitations for this event are sent out electronically.

Mid Term Evaluations (MTEs)

Evaluating student progress in the classroom has been an integral part of academic advising since EOP was founded in 1968. In 2010, the university moved toward this model and began requesting evaluations on specific student populations such as athletes, international students, and participants of Student Support Services (SSS). Over the winter break, EOP counselors supported the university in reaching out to non-EOP students who were in need of academic advising.

Mid term evaluations provide counselors with information on how a student is progressing in a course by the middle of the semester. Using MTEs, counselors are able to help students:

  • see the benefits of tutoring or utilizing the resources provided by the Tutorial Center
  • build a framework to speak with faculty and TAs about their progress
  • strategize on ways to improve study skills, time management and academic performance
  • make informed decisions on maintaining or achieving greater success in their course

Personal Counseling and Academic Advising

Personal, academic and career advising is offered to assist with students' persistence to graduation. Each student is assigned an academic counselor for all their years as an undergraduate at Binghamton. Students are expected to meet with their counselor at least three times each semester. Midterm evaluations are essential tools that allow the counselor and student to dialogue about effective ways to maintain, augment or improve a student's grades or academic performance.

Study Abroad

In collaboration with the Office of International Programs (OIP), advising for study abroad programs is available for EOP students in the EOP Tutorial Center (UU 263) every week. An OIP Advisor offers information on short term, summer and semester long programs. Students can also receive information on funding and scholarship opportunities specific to study abroad such as the Myers or Rosefsky Scholarships. Online tutoring is also offered to students participating in study abroad.

Last Updated: 1/8/19