How to Become a Member Company

Information for Prospective New Members

ES2 welcomes new members on a rolling basis. In so doing, ES2 requires the prospective

member to do the following:

1. Visit the ES2 website and learn more about ES2.

2. Contact the ES2 Site Director at the Partner University with which you wish to be affiliated.

3. Outline your research areas of interest and describe what your company can offer to ES2 and how you believe your company can benefit from the research being done at ES2.

4. The ES2 Site Director will share your interest with the other ES2 Directors. If it is agreed that your company’s interests are consistent with the mission and goals of ES2, you will be invited to attend the next bi-annual ES2 IAB Meeting and asked to sign a confidential non-disclosure agreement prior to the meeting.

5. Companies invited to join ES2 will be required to sign a Membership Agreement with the affiliated Partner University or Universities detailing the terms and conditions of membership. The cost for Membership, which entitles the member to a nonexclusive royalty-free license to ES2-funded university inventions and a role in research project selection, is $50,000 per year.

6. Dues from new members who join during the program year will be used for the next set of funded projects.

7. New members will have access to the entire ES2 research portfolio and are encouraged to join in mentoring any existing research project of interest to them.