What it means to be an ES2 partner
Because ES2 is a collaborative center, our partners consist of university sites as well as industry members — all with the same goal of reducing energy consumption in data centers and electronic systems in general. University partners consist of teams of faculty members with years of research experience and graduate students eager to learn and apply their knowledge on real-world problems. Our member companies support this research through annual membership fees and time spent working with faculty and mentoring our students. They also help to define our research thrusts.

Benefits of ES2 Membership

Benefits of becoming a university site
Becoming an ES2 partner site allows you to become involved in the exciting research of the center and provides an opportunity for you to collaborate with other university sites and with industry. It’s a great opportunity for your students to get guidance from industry, and to make important connections that may eventually lead to a career. Being part of an NSF-sponsored I/UCRC lends status to your research and opens the door to potential funding from government and private organizations.