Maximo Service Request

The Facilities Management Service Request portal (Maximo) can only be accessed from a device connected to the campus network. To access it from outside the campus network (such as while working from home), please connect to the VPN by logging into or connecting via Pulse Secure before clicking "Submit a Service Request Here". Contact ITS for assistance with connecting via VPN.

How to Enter a Maximo Service Request 

Building Names, Numbers and Abbreviations

Submit a Service Request (Faculty/Staff only)

Infomation for students in University Housing

Priority 1 - Emergencies - Immediate Response

An "emergency" is defined as any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure which presents an imminent danger to life, health or property.

In the event of the following emergencies, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY, then contact the Facilities Operations Center at 777-2226 (24/7/365):

  • Explosion
  • Fire, smoke, or burning odors
  • Natural gas odors
  • Chemical, biological, or radioactive spill
  • Elevator breakdown with trapped individuals
  • Live electrical wire exposed

In the event of any of the following types of emergencies, DO NOT call 911. Please contact the Facilities Operations Center (x2226):

  • Loss of electrical power or water
  • Broken or gushing water, flood or blocked toilet
  • Steam line break with steam escaping
  • Building security problems, door will not lock, etc
  • Heating or ventilation failure
  • Nuisance animal removal from buildings

Priority 2 - Do-It-Now (DIN) - Within 72 hour Response

A "Do-It-Now" is a situation that if not addressed will have a long-term detrimental effect on life, safety or property. In addition, a "DIN" is a need that shall be addressed within three (3) working days after Service Request was received by Facilities Operations Center, when proper advance notice or planning was impossible. A Scheduled Event is not considered a DIN.

Examples of DINs include:

  • Flickering Lights
  • Toilets or urinals not operating properly
  • Hot or cold calls
  • Accessibility issues related to maintenance

Priority 3 - Scheduled Events

Scheduled event requests must be received a minimum of ten working days prior to the event.  For more complex events, or if an estimate is needed, the request must be submitted at least 20 working days prior to the event.

Examples include:

  • Concerts and theatre events
  • Special meetings, conferences and programs
  • Dinners and luncheons

Priority 4 - Routine Requests

All other requests fall into the category of a routine service request. "Routine Requests" are generally placed in a queue and addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Response timing is contingent upon level of current backlog. Examples of routine service requests include:

  • Routine plumbing or electrical work (dripping faucets)
  • Special cleaning requests
  • Minor renovations
  • Lost file cabinet keys (must provide key number on lock)

Diagrams and any additional information you would like to include can be attached to your service request.

If you wish to cancel a service request, please do so by emailing the Facilities Operations Center at The original requestor must cancel requests.