Information for Students

Service/Key Request Submission Questions and Answers for Students

Q: How do I submit a Service Request to Facilities Management?

A: To submit a non-urgent Facilities Management service request for your room, suite, apartment, or building, visit.

For any urgent facilities-related matter (such as overflowing toilet/sink/shower, loss of electrical power, etc.), contact your Community Area Office/SSA/RD.

For any emergency (such as odor of smoke, gas, or electrical burning), contact University Police at 607-777-2222 (cell phone) or 911 (campus phone).

For more information, visit the Residential Life Support page.

Q: What should I ask for in the request?

A: The request should be brief, yet specific. For example: rather than requesting a repair to a sink, state the faucet is dripping or the drain is plugged. When asking for furniture repair, specify the need; upholstery, wood, plastic or metal repair. The repair may take less time if Facilities Management knows the specifics in advance.

Q: Where does the request go then?

A: This submission is forwarded to your residential life area office secretary who processes it to the Facilities Operations Center (FOC).  FOC will assign the work per department guidelines; typically to the dorm maintenance or custodial staff. The custodial supervisor or area maintenance person reviews the request and responds to it.

Q: What kind of work will the area maintenance person perform?

A: Generally, the area maintenance person or custodian will perform tasks up to semi-difficult cleaning, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. This person typically accomplishes approximately 90 percent of the work orders in the complex.

Q: What will be forwarded to someone outside of my area maintenance person/custodian?

A: Larger, more difficult requests that require more specialized personnel and/or tools including wall repair, painting and all ceramic tile work.

Q: What kinds of requests should be submitted electronically and what should I talk to my RA or RD/CD about?

A: Repairs that are not an emergency such as dripping faucets, non-working desk lamps, malfunctioning blinds, or de-tripling of rooms are routine service requests and should be submitted electronically.  If there is a substantive leak, structural damage, or anything else that could harm persons or property, find a residential life staff member immediately.  Fire, smoke or other emergencies of an immediate nature should be called immediately to 911 and state you are on the BU campus for proper routing.

Q: How long should I expect to wait for a repair?

A: Normal work requests should be acted upon within one to five days depending upon the workloads Routine requests are added to the queue and will be addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a need is deemed an emergency we work to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Q: What if a request is not addressed in a reasonable time frame?

A: If a request is not addressed in a timely manner, contact your area office and ask them to check the status of your request. They will check to insure that the work has been requested and will follow-up with Facilities Management.

Q: What about re-keys? Should they be called in? Will students be charged? When will the student have to pay for overtime?

A: Residential Life will call in re-keys immediately upon notification from students or RDs in order to insure security and to minimize overtime work. Facilities Management will make every effort to begin the re-keying process as soon as possible upon notification. Once the Lockshop has begun the re-keying process, the student will be charged for the work even if the "lost" keys are located.

Q: What about being too warm or too cold in my room?

A: Contact a residential life staff member who will work with you to address the issue.  Often furniture placement in the room interferes with proper air flow or an open window.  If an "in room" issue is not the cause then Facilities Management will be contacted.