Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is offered through the federal campus-based aid program and provides employment opportunities to eligible, matriculated students. 

Note:  being awarded federal work study means you can apply for federal work study specific jobs, but does not guarantee a job.  Students must apply for jobs (via HireBING) and be selected through an interview process, much like any other part-time job. 

Students are paid directly (via a bi-weekly paycheck) by the University.  While a student can use their paycheck to help pay educational expenses, FWS funding cannot be applied as a credit directly to a student's bill. 

Who is eligible?

Financial Aid & Student Records determines eligibility for FWS, based on need as determined by the FAFSA, and if the student indicates they are interested in work study on the FAFSA.  Returning students that participated in the FWS program in one year, will again be offered FWS funding in subsequent years, if they remain eligible.  

Type of Work

On-campus jobs are usually administrative and technical jobs, usually 8-10 hours per week at NYS mandated hourly pay rate.  Students are paid directly (via a bi-weekly paycheck) by the University.   


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Questions about your federal work study award and/or eligibility? Contact us via email at finaid@binghamton.edu or phone at 607-777-2428.


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