Clean Energy Stream

Globally political and industrial leaders have identified energy challenges as among the most pressing that nations face. Demand for energy, particularly alternative and sustainable energy, will increase substantially over the coming years. The research carried out by first-year students in the Clean Energy research stream at Binghamton University encompasses development of new materials for eventual implementation in devices for better energy generation and storage.

Clean Energy is cross-disciplinary in nature

Clean Energy

Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
Materials Science

Clean Energy intersects the traditional disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering. The Clean Energy Research Stream focuses on fundamental and applied research in the field of Clean Energy, with the broader impact of developing materials towards application in energy harvesting and storage devices. The Clean Energy Research Stream consists of a multidisciplinary collaboration of faculty working with the current Research Educator who oversees the stream projects.

Clean Energy Research Educator

Image: Dr. Yiliang Luan in lab with students
Dr. Yiliang Luan in lab with students

Dr. Yiliang (Yancy) Luan is the Research Educator for the Clean Energy research stream. His research focuses on the development of new nanomaterials for implementation in energy related materials. The Clean Energy research stream also has projects in collaboration with the Physics Department, which focus on the computational study of novel battery materials. Dr. Luan has been part of the FRI program since Fall 2021.