Clean Energy Lab

Research Techniques and Protocols 

  • Hot injection (air-free) synthesis of nanocrystals
  • Room temperature supersaturated recrystallization synthesis of nanocrystals
  • Centrifugation and purification of nanocrystals
  • Citrate-based reduction method for synthesis of gold nanoparticles
  • Python tutorial and introduction to computational methods
  • Ultraviolet-visible (absorbance) spectroscopy
  • Photoluminescence (emission) spectroscopy
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
  • Phase-transfer and surface functionalization
  • Microwave synthesis

Lab Equipment 

  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer
  • Photoluminescence spectrophotometer
  • Inert atmosphere glovebox
  • Thermal gravimetric analyzer
  • Microwave reactor
  • Ultraviolet transilluminator
  • Schlenk line for inert atmosphere synthesis
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
  • Ultrasonicator
  • Analytical microbalance
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Electrode Rotator

Key Peer-Reviewed Publications

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