Image & Acoustics Signals Analysis Stream Accomplishments

BOLD = undergraduate
italics = faculty
* = student presenter

Research Publications

Research presentations

All FRI students present their research posters at campus events. Each team presents a research poster at the annual FRI Research Day in December. Those poster titles can be found on the "Research projects" page. Below are presentations made outside of annual FRI public session.

  • Ghayoumi M, ”Cognitive based Architecture for Emotion in Social Robots”, Explainable Robotic Systems Workshop in conjunction with HRI 2018.
  • Ghayoumi M, "Local Sensitive Hashing (LSH) and CNN for Object Recognition”, ICMLA 2018, Florida,USA.
  • Canavan S, Keyes W*, McCormick R, Kunnumpurath J, Hoelzel T, Yin L, "Hand Gesture Recognition Using a Skeleton-based Feature Representation with a Random Regression Forest," IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2017.
  • Canavan S, Chen M, Chen S, Valdez R, Yaeger M, Lin H, Yin L , "Combining Gaze and Demographic Feature Descriptors for Autism Classification," IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2017.