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Vote FRI Students for the National Geographic Chasing Genius Award!

Two FRI Environmental Visualization students have been named finalists for a National Geographic Chasing Genius award. They've been working on an incredible project that uses drones to remotely sense -- and eventually retrieve -- plastic-coated mines that are otherwise undetectable by modern instruments.

Please help them win the $25,000 prize to continue their research by voting for their idea. You can vote once per day through March 20th by clicking here. After you sign into your CHASING GENIUS account (or you can sign up now if you don't have one), click the yellow voting button to vote on their idea.


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Most students don't get to take on heavy, global issues during their freshman and sophomore years in college, but Freshman Research Immersion (FRI) participants get to dive right in. Teaming up with faculty and other inquisitive students, students in the FRI program conduct research.

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Last Updated: 3/14/18