Binghamton Codes!

The Binghamton Codes! Program teaches the basics of programming to students in Harpur College who have little to no experience coding. The program launched in 2020 and is sponsored by Jim and Heather Bankoski in collaboration with the Center for Learning and Teaching and the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences. 


HARP 150: Intro to Coding (Python)
HARP 150 is for absolute beginners and teaches the basics of programming using the Python language, from strings to object oriented programming. Students will also be introduced to the basics of data analysis, debugging, and the use of libraries, packages, and modules. In addition to hands-on learning, students will also get the opportunity to meet coders from a variety of professional fields.

HARP 150 is offered every semester

HARP 151: Programming in Action
HARP 151 builds on the skills learned in HARP 150. (Students with previous coding experience are recommended to start in 151). Over the semester, students will learn the basics of project management and work in groups to build out a program of their choosing. Students will also learn new coding skills, including HTML/CSS, data scraping, APIs, machine learning, and network analysis. 

HARP 151 is offered every semester. 


Any student who completes both HARP 150 and HARP 151 with a C+ or higher will receive a credit-bearing micro-credential. This will appear on their transcript. Students also receive a digital badge to add to their resume or other professional sites like LinkedIn.