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Frequently asked questions

  • What services are available to Harpur College undergraduate students?

    What services are available to Harpur College students? 

    Harpur Academic Advising helps Harpur students clarify their academic goals and career choices, understand University policies and procedures, and acquire the tools they need to achieve their goals. Harpur has a shared advising model, which means that Harpur students work with both the Harpur Advising team and with their major and minor departments, faculty and student services to help you achieve your academic goals. 
    Harpur Edge offers programs, services and resources intended to provide Harpur College students with a professional, academic and personal edge. They provide professional development appointments, opportunities to network with and even job-shadow alumni in your field of choice, grant opportunities to help fund experiences beyond the classroom, wellness initiatives and more. 
    The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development prepares students of all majors for advanced education, careers and purposeful living. They can help you prepare for admission to graduate and professional school, hone your interview and resume-writing skills, and help you search for job or internship opportunities — even after you graduate. Through workshops and one-on-one appointments, career consultants are available to help you develop your career goals and gain experience.  
    The Department for Student Transition and Success supports students’ academic, personal and professional development throughout their Binghamton collegiate experience. They provide support through six different program areas: the Binghamton Advantage Program, the First-Year Experience, the Emerging Leaders Program, Success Coaching, the Speaking Center and Transfer Student Services. 

  • Academic questions & concerns

    I don’t know what I should major in?

    Harpur Academic Advising can help you navigate the majors and minors, and how they connect with your interests. Looking for a student perspective? Their team of trained and experienced peer assistants can provide insight. 

    The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development has online resources that can help you explore majors, career fields and more. You can also meet with a Fleishman Center career consultant for one-on-one support with major and career exploration. Join a career cluster to get connected with information, resources, events and career opportunities based on your interests. There are seven career clusters to choose from (including one dedicated to exploring career options), and you can join as many as you like. 

    Harpur Edge staff will help you make an appointment to reflect on your interests, abilities and values to develop a plan for exploration to include informational interviewing of alumni, connecting with upper-class students who selected the majors you are considering and start to focus in on how choosing a major can empower you to be on track for many post-graduation options.

    I have a major, but I have questions about my options?

    Harpur Academic Advising can provide guidance on the broad aspects of your degree plan, including both general education and Harpur College requirements. 

    If you have questions about the specific requirements of your major, including transfer equivalencies and course substitutions, check with your departmental advisor. Don’t know who your departmental advisor is?

    Your departmental advisor can also provide a deeper understanding of your chosen field and the opportunities available after graduation. 

    The Fleishman Center offers resources to help with this, too! Check out the Bing Career Destinations resource to view job titles, and places of employment, salaries and more of recent Binghamton graduates by major. 

    I am struggling in class and need help?

    Many tutoring and support services are available for undergraduate students, including:

    • University Tutorial Services offers in-person, small-group tutoring for many Binghamton undergraduate courses. Online tutoring for a variety of subjects is available through a consortium project with other SUNY schools entitled STAR-NY. In partnership with the English Language Institute (ELI) department, UTS also offers ELI tutors.
    • The Writing Center offers free writing tutoring to all Binghamton University students. Students can come at any stage in the writing process and speak with a tutor who is versed in writing pedagogy and trained by a writing specialist.
    • Success Coaches offer one-on-one appointments and workshops to assist students in identifying potential barriers to academic success. Specific topics include assistance with: time management, study strategies, effective goal setting, productivity management, and more!
    • The Speaking Center supports student development and success in public speaking and oral presentation preparation and delivery, providing quality peer-to-peer consulting to all Binghamton University students seeking oral presentation assistance and critique.

    If you have a question or a concern that is impacting your success, Starfish can help you get assistance. Click on the “Request Help” navigation item. Select one of the topics and be sure to add detailed comments about your request so the appropriate person has the information they need to best assist you.

  • Transfer & first-year students questions

    I transferred from another college. 

    Transfer Student Services provides mentoring, advice and advocacy for transfer students, not only during the transfer process but right through to graduation.  

    Harpur Academic Advising can help you understand how your transfer credits satisfy degree requirements.  

    I am a first-year student and want to make the most of my experience. 

    The First-Year Experience is for you! UNIV 101/UNIV 103 are two-credit seminar courses for first-semester freshmen students. You’ll get an academic head start that exposes you to interesting topics, introduces you to campus services, and hones your critical thinking, writing and time-management skills.  

    Success Coaching is another great place to explore and build upon your skill sets, such as time management, study skills, organization and effective goal setting. As you transition into college, building a strong foundation of these skills will be paramount for your continued success at Binghamton University. 

    Maximize your leadership potential with the Emerging Leaders Program, designed for first-year and transfer students. You’ll form valuable connections with the University and the local community, including faculty, staff and student mentors.  

    Harpur Advising & Edge encourage you to: 

    • Meet and develop mentors among faculty and alumni through networking events.
    • Make sure you are engaging in self-care and join Harpur Edge’s Take the Edge Off programming.
    • Plan to explore and develop experience with our help through appointments for academic advising (Harpur Advising) and career consulting (Harpur Edge). 
    • Join student organizations. If you aren’t sure which ones to pick, chat with a Harpur Edge Undergraduate Programs Associate or Harpur Advising peer assistant. They know all about getting involved. 

    Harpur Edge leads the Harpur Edge-Finder program for new students in Harpur College. Complete your Harpur Edge-Finder credential and gain communication, technology and student success skills along the way in this virtual program on B-engaged. (This program is offered each fall and spring). 

  • Questions for beyond the classroom

    I want to take advantage of learning opportunities outside the classroom. 

    Harpur Academic Advising and Harpur Edge can help you discover co-curricular opportunities such as study abroad, internships or research. The Fleishman Center can also help you find internship opportunities.

    I want to connect with mentors working in my field. 

    Harpur Edge offers the Harpur Edge Connection Builder program, which matches Harpur undergraduates with Harpur alumni for a brief shadowing experience at the sponsor's workplace during winter or summer break. Students can explore career options and gain insights into the realities of the workplace. 

    Harpur Edge offers the Physician Mentor program, which matches Harpur undergraduates with Harpur alumni for shadowing in healthcare settings.   

    Mentor Match is an online program connecting Binghamton students with alumni, whether they’re from down the street or on the other side of the globe. The program is open to all students and alumni from all class years, programs and schools.  

    I’m looking to talk with someone about my career path. 

    Harpur Edge offers one-on-one professional development appointments. Sign up through Starfish online.  

    Not sure what careers are out there? Explore career clusters online through the Fleishman Center, and connect with the people, information and resources you need to explore your interests and opportunities.  

    Unsure if a particular career would be a good fit for your interests, skills and values? The Fleishman Center also offers a range of assessment tools, either free or at a modest fee.

    I’m looking for a job or internship, or to ace an interview. 

    The Fleishman Center can help! They offer a wide range of services, from resume and cover letter review, major and career consultation, mock interviews and interview tips, networking and more. For quick questions, consider a 20-minute walk-in appointment. For more in-depth questions, schedule a half-hour one-on-one session.

    The Fleishman Center also connects Binghamton students and alumni with job and internship opportunities of all types, ranging from micro-internships to full-time jobs. 

    No quiet place to conduct a virtual or phone interview? You can reserve a private interview room in the Fleischman Center’s interview suite in advance.  

    Harpur Edge is also here to support every aspect of your internship or job search from practice interviews to how to leverage LinkedIn, resumes and portfolios. Make an appointment for a consultation

    I need a part-time job. 

    If you are looking for a part-time job either on- or off-campus, you can find a variety of resources including a list of available student employment opportunities on the Student Employment website.   

    I'm looking for professional development opportunities. 

    Through its Crash Course series, Harpur Edge provides training in the skills employers want, including tableau data visualization, social media marketing and coding in Python. Additional courses are in development, so check back often! 

    The Fleishman Center can connect you with apps and online learning platforms that can help you develop new skills in a wide range of areas, and also offers workshops and resources on a variety of career-related topics. 

    Need to do an oral presentation, but feel that your public speaking skills could use a boost? The Speaking Center provides quality peer-to-peer consulting to all Binghamton University students seeking oral presentation assistance and critique, from planning to delivery.

    I’m looking to prepare for law school or the health field. 

    Harpur Academic Advising has a team of pre-professional advisors who are trained to prepare you for graduate-level programs in law or a variety of health-related career fields.  

    Students interested in law should visit the pre-law website to learn about upcoming events and available resources, sign up for the pre-law listserv and schedule a meeting with the pre-law advisor.  

    • The Pre-Law Public Interest Law Internship Summer Program, coordinated by the pre-law advisor and Harpur Edge, provides juniors and seniors the opportunity to experience public interest law firsthand, while also connecting with Binghamton alumni on the Harpur Law Council and other professionals in the legal field.   
    • Harpur Edge and Pre-Law Advising encourage you to plan to attend the annual Bonzani Memorial Law Lecture. This is a great opportunity to connect with alumni in the legal profession and learn more about diverse topics that can inform law school application essays, deepen your passion and/or inspire a research topic. 

    Students interested in pursuing a health graduate degree should visit the pre-health website.  

    • The Harpur College Summer Physician Mentor Program, coordinated by Harpur Edge, offers sophomore/junior pre-medical students the opportunity to experience the realities of medicine by shadowing Harpur alumni physicians in the New York metro area over the summer.  

    The Fleishman Center also offers several law and health related internships. Check out HireBing for more information and opportunities.

    I’m looking to destress and get inspired. 

    Check out Harpur Edge’s Take the Edge Off wellness series, or join their book club to spark some interesting discussions.

  • Funding support questions

    I’m looking for financial assistance.

    The Harpur Edge Student Support Fund provides grants of up to $1,000 to qualified students looking to pursue experiential educational opportunities.  

    The Harpur High-Impact Student Learning Endowment  provides grants of up to $4,000 for students looking to participate in high-impact learning opportunities provided by Harpur College, such as research, conferences, internships and more.   

    The Student Affairs Internship Fund is available to support unpaid summer internship opportunities with grants up to $5,000. 

    There are several pre-health scholarships available to current juniors who will be seniors in the next academic year, and one scholarship available to a current sophomore who will be a junior in the next academic year. 

    Need some advice? Meet one-on-one with a financial wellness educator in the Fleishman Center to discuss budgeting, credit scores, student loans, paying for graduate school or other financial topics. Attend B-Money Smart Workshops held throughout the semester as well to learn more about banking basics, understanding credit scores, investing 101 and more. 

    I’m looking for grant funding to support community service work or research opportunities. 

    Through the Harpur Fellows Program, undergraduates receive up to $4,000 to design and conduct their own community service project anywhere in the world during summer break. 

    The Dr. Ellyn Uram Kaschak Summer Research Grant is awarded to a Harpur College undergraduate conducting research in the field of social justice for women and girls.

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