4+1 Harpur Degree Programs

A graduate degree in half the time

Our 4+1 program allows students from various majors to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just five years.

Highly committed students who take advantage of 4+1 degree program pathways and take their Binghamton University experience to the next level:

  • Are quickly immersed in a field of study that they're passionate about
  • Get to start graduate level studies early
  • Generally incur less cost than traditional programs
  • Graduate with an advanced degree in less time
  • Increase earning potential with an advanced degree

Current 4+1 degree offerings:

  • How does it work?

    You complete most of the coursework for your bachelor's degree in your first three years. In your fourth year, you take both bachelor's- and master's-level courses, graduate with your bachelor's degree and formally apply to the Graduate School. In your fifth year, you are admitted to the Graduate School and focus solely on graduate coursework.

    Don't forget to plan your coursework

    We encourage students interested in the 4+1 programs to begin preparing to apply as early as their freshman year on campus.

    In order to complete your master's degree in just one additional year of study, students enrolled in accelerated/4+1 master's degree programs have a reduced residence requirement, where a minimum of 18 credit hours must be completed at the graduate level. Students are advised to carefully review their plan of study and consult with their graduate program advisor before confirming their course schedule each semester.

    Semester & year path to apply

    Freshman & sophomore year:

    1. Explore your interests and start researching available program/degree options, review website, attend information sessions, or meet with the graduate program director or staff to learn more. 

    Sophomore & junior year:

    1. Declare your intent to apply to the 4+1 path following the program’s process: 
      • This could be in the form of an application, a meeting, completing an online form, etc.
    2. Create degree plan and prospective course schedules to ensure completion of both degrees. Students generally complete 2-3 graduate courses during their senior year. 
      • Create/review plan with the assistance of the graduate program director, your undergraduate major advisor, Harpur Academic Advising and Financial Aid.

    Senior year:

    1. Register for graduate courses (department will assist) while finishing undergraduate requirements, and pay at the undergraduate rate! A maximum of 18 credits count in both grad and undergrad degree. 
    2. Formally apply to the accelerated program, typically during the first semester of your senior year (min 88+ credits).  
    3. Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

    1st year graduate student:

    1. Officially become a graduate student and take remaining graduate courses to finish your master’s degree. 
    2. Minimum of 18 GPA (graded) credits required at grad level. 
    3. Graduate with a Master’s degree.
  • Additional 4+1 programs for undergraduates

    Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT): TLEL MAT accelerated/4+1 programs include:

    • BA in French/MAT French Adolescent Education
    • BA in Spanish/MAT Spanish Adolescent Education
    • BA in Mathematical Sciences/MAT Math Adolescent Education


    CCPA 4+1 Opportunities: Harpur BAs (excluding fine arts majors) can pursue a 4+1 degree in:

    • Sustainable Communities (MA/MS)
    • Master of Public Administration (MPA)
    • Master of Public Health (MPH)
    • Master of Science in Student Affairs Administration (MS SAA)


    Human Rights 4+1 Program: Master of Science in Human Rights, BA/BS +MS.

    These programs combine the undergraduate program in a discipline (BA or BS), and the Master of Science in Human Rights (MSHR) graduate program. Offered in the following disciplines:

    • Environmental Studies
    • English
    • French
    • History
    • Human Development
    • Italian
    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACAS)
    • Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL)
    • Spanish


    Harpur/MBA 4+1 Program: Compatible with most Harpur undergraduate majors.

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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