Dean's Teaching Release Award

Harpur College Dean's Teaching Release Award


The Dean's Teaching Release Award is offered to pre-tenure faculty members in Harpur College to help promote their prospects for tenure and promotion at Binghamton University. Awardees are exempted from major teaching obligations but retain full faculty status, salary, and rights, thereby allowing them to concentrate on a significant scholarly or creative project.

Award Duration

One semester (Fall or Spring, depending on departmental needs). In departments with academic year course loads of four or higher, the course reduction may be taken across two semesters (for example, a course load of 2/2 would become 1/1).


This award is available to faculty who:

  • Will complete the teaching reduction prior to the semester during which their evaluation for tenure and promotion begins;
  • Have not previously received a Dean's Teaching Release Award (or a comparable course release at the time of initial appointment to the university).


Award recipients are require to:

  • Remain in residence for the duration of the award, except for brief intervals of absence as required by their projects, and to continue their departmental advising and service obligations;
  • Submit a report of their accomplishments during the release period within six months of the completion of the semester; and
  • Remain at Binghamton University for at least one academic year following the award or to reimburse the University for their salary during their award.

Application Materials

Eligible pre-tenure faculty must work with their department chair to ensure that these course reductions support their scholarly development as well as accommodate their department's curriculum. The department chair should submit the "Request for a Harpur College Dean’s Teaching Release Award Assignment" form for approval.


headshot of Pamela G. Smart

Pamela G. Smart

Associate Professor, Chair; Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Programmatic Initiatives, Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Art History; Harpur College of Arts and Sciences