The HDEV staff includes a professional academic advisor and peer advisors, who will work with you to plan a program of study and answer question about careers and graduate school.

How can academic advisors help?

They can:

  • provide current and accurate information about the University's and department's academic and personal requirements;
  • help you track progress toward meeting degree requirements;
  • assist in developing a course of study, including the selection of general education, major and elective requirements;
  • provide information about campus resources and offer referrals;
  • offer assistance with any academic difficulties; which may include referral to the Writing Center or the University Counseling Center
  • be available (in person, by phone or email) to discuss concerns or questions; and
  • provide information on study abroad, internship, independent study and volunteer opportunities that can help enhance your academic program.

Potential Impediments to Degree Completion (including felony convictions)

The stated mission of SUNY emphasizes the provision of broadly accessible educational services to all segments of the population to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. Many students face challenges due to life circumstances. For example, students who have a prior felony conviction may face impediments in completing the requirements of certain academic programs and/or meeting licensure requirements for certain professions. Students who have concerns about such matters are urged to contact the Department Chair.