Frontiers of Prevention: April 8-9 2022

Responding to a Transformed World, the Frontiers of Prevention annual conference experiments with a new format for April 8-9 2022

Since 2017, Frontiers of Prevention, I-GMAP’s annual international conference, has brought academic researchers and prevention practitioners from governments and civil society to Binghamton’s Downtown Campus for two days of conversation, sharing notes and experiences, and forming new professional connections and networks. Earlier conferences combined a global open call for proposal with a number of invited guests, forming thematic panels that showcased new scholarship, emerging prevention approaches and actors as well as new areas of risk, and facilitated new opportunities for scholar-practitioner collaborations. Including both scholars and practitioners from the Global South, and offering financial support to make their trips to Binghamton possible, was a top priority.

COVID-19 led to the cancellation of Frontiers of Prevention in both 2020 and 2021. With the gradual and fragile progress made in the global pandemic crisis since then, we (like so many others) have thought long and hard about what form next Spring’s international conference should take. 

The model we arrived at for the 2022 conference is designed to preserve as much as possible the value of an in-person event with other priorities for the event even as we adapt to the new realities and uncertainties of COVID-related safety policies that will no doubt remain with us for the foreseeable future. Our April 2022 conference will bring together a smaller group while simultaneously reaching a larger audience. It will be a smaller, all in-person gathering that will continue to prioritize academic-practitioner interaction with dedicated funds to support travel to and from the Global South. An invitation-only format for presenters, in combination with high-quality livestreaming, will make this smaller event both safer and easily accessible for a larger global audience.

Stay tuned for more information on the developing program for Frontiers of Prevention, April 8-9 2022, as well as information for attending the event virtually, on the I-GMAP website.