Visiting Practitioners

The Institute’s Visiting Practitioner Program (formerly known as the Practitioners-in-Residence Program) is one of our signature offerings to connect atrocity prevention practitioners with the Binghamton University community.

This highly popular program brings active atrocity prevention practitioners, drawn from a broad range of national and international organizations and institutions, to Binghamton for a week-long stay.

During their residency, Visiting Practitioners:

  • Meet with faculty, students, staff and university administrators to share their experiences, the work of their agencies, and their views on the prospects for improving atrocity prevention, with a particular focus on enhancing and strengthening collaborations between practitioners and the academic community;

  • Visit multiple classes to share their experiences with both undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Engage with the campus and broader area community with a public presentation on a prevention-related topic of their choice.

In choosing practitioners to invite, I-GMAP looks for as broad a range as possible of different approaches, backgrounds, experiences, career trajectories, and global regions.

  • This gives GMAP students a chance for direct and personal encounters with professionals across the full range of contemporary prevention work.
  • It also gives the Institute a valuable opportunity to continue to build and expand its international network of NGO and government partnerships.
  • Additionally, the practitioners come from organizations that will be prime locations for the MS in GMAP student field placements and/or future employment.

A quick review of the practitioners who have visited campus in the past and a glimpse at those coming this academic year, provides a great look at the range and depth of experience of our campus visitors.


Names of the Visiting Practitioners


Ashley Rogers

Vahidin Omanovic

Debbie Stothard

Frank Osei

Jeffrey Sizemore

Kate Ferguson

Academic Year 2021-2022

Rushan Abbas

Nick Turse

Jeffrey Sizemore

Vahidin Omanovic

Yasmin Ullah

Academic Year 2019-2020

Braema Mathi (Mathiaparanam)

Dr. Vigny Sixte Nimuraba

Rachel Brown

Andrew Boyle

Academic Year 2018-2019

Tamara Reps Freeman

Savita Pawnday

Joseph Sebarenzi

Clara Ramírez-Barat

Marlon A. Weichert

Andrés Dávila-Ladrón de Guevara

Steven Luckert

Patricia Perez Valdes

Tibi Galis

Nicolas Habarugira

Adam Lupel

Academic Year 2017-2018

Barry Pousman

Juanita Goebertus Estrada

Eduardo Gonzalez

Per Bergling

Ambassador Liberata Mulamula