Past Events

Fall 2020

December 2

"Legacies of Forced Migrations"
Presented by Oscar Gil Garcia (Human Development)

November 11

"Public Humanities"
Presented by Busra Doga (Sociology) and Justine Lewis (CCPA-CCRA)

October 28

"Who Whitnesses the Apocalypse?"
Presented by Jessie Reeder (English)

October 21

"Speculative Fiction After the Digital Turn"
Presented by Corrine Black (Comparative Literature)

October 14

"Stolen Nuns"
Presented by Timi Sgouros (History)

September 30

"Radical Reformer: The First Modern Politician"
Presented by John Harvard (English)

Spring 2020

April 3

“The Politics of Signification in Early Israeli Literature”
Presented by Lior Libman (Judaic studies)

March 25

“Radicalism at a Crossroads: The 1970s-80s Tokyo Artworld”
Presented by Jon Ihnmi (Art history)

March 18

“Code Black: Whiteness and Unmanliness in Shakespeare's Hamlet”
Presented by David Brown (English)

March 11

“Toleration, Power, and Democracy: Exploring the Constitutional Limits of Toleration”
Presented by James Lethbridge (Philosophy)

February 26

“Incomprehensibility in the Greek Passion of St Katherine of Alexandria”
Presented by Tina Chronopulos (CNES)

February 19

“Moral Injury and Moral Failure”
Presented by Lisa Tessman (Philosophy)

February 12

“Brexit and Europeanization in the Northern Ireland Borderlands”
Presented by Thomas Wilson (Anthropology)

Fall 2019

November 3

“The Show Must Go On: Disciplining Theatre Professionals”
Presented by: David Bisaha (Theatre) 

October 30

“Ecology and the Rise of Capitalism” 
Presented by: Jason Moore (Sociology)

October 16

“Railroads and Agricultural Development in Antebellum Northern Virginia”
Presented by: Jason Tercha (History)

October 2

“Welcome to La Amerika: Linguistic Assimilation of the Sephardim”
Presented by: Bryan Kirschen (Romance Languages) 

September 25

“Fragile Masculinity in the Time of #Metoo”
Presented by: Amrita De (Comparative Literature) 

September 18

"The Technical Production of Affect: Renovating the Rothko Chapel"
Presented by: Pamela Smart (Art History)

September 1

“The Colony Within: Excremental Medicine and the Politics of Race in the United States” 
Presented by: Matthew Wolf-Meyer (Anthropology)

Spring 2019

April 3

"Unnatural Citizens: The Precarity and Persistence of Asian American Racial Formation"
Presented by: John Cheng (Asian and Asian American Studies)

March 27

"The Cidade Da Cultura de Galicia and the New Camino Experience"
Presented by: Addie Gordon (Art History)

March 13

"Ghost Detainees and State Power Across the Thresholds of Detectability"
Presented by: Alexandra Moore (English)

February 27

"American Beowulf: Native American Literature 901 AD"
Presented by: Birgit Brander Rasmussen (English)

February 20

"Promises, Practices and the Force of Language: Rawls, Cavell, Wittgenstein"
Presented by: Sinan Oruc (Philosophy) 

February 13

"Anticapitalist Populism and Populist Capitalists: The Politics of Oil and Neoliberalism in Mexico and Venezuela (1935-2000)"
Presented by: Leslie Gates (Sociology)

February 6

IASH Graduate Public Humanities Fellows Workshop

"Submitting projects and proposals to become a NY Humanities fellow"  
Presented by: Julia Haager (History) and Kayla Hardy-Butler (English)

Fall 2018

November 28

IASH Graduate Public Humanities Fellows’ Presentations

"The History of Women's Health Care and Reproductive Rights and Contemporary Threats to Them" and "The Minority Youth Writers Lab"
Presented by: Julia Devin (History) and Kayla Hardy-Butler (English)

November 14

"The Effects of Opiate Addiction on Civil War Veterans' Post War Lives"
Presented by: Jonathan Jones (History)

November 7

"Unkempt Edens: Tea Cultures in Eastern India, 1840-1940"
Presented by: Arnab Dey (History)

October 31

"Race, Resistance, and the Rise of Cold War Eugenics"
Presented by: James Fitz Gerald (English) 

October 17

"'Form is nothing but emptiness, emptiness nothing but form': Brigitte D'Ortschy and Frank Lloyd Wright in Germany, America, and Japan"
Presented by: Julia Walker (Art History)

October 10

"Race, migration and citizenship in colonial Zanzibar"
Presented by: Nathaniel Mathews (Africana Studies)

September 26

"Forcing Government's Hand: Ethnic Terrorism, Constituency Reforms, and Improvement in Minority Rights"
Presented by: Seden Akcinaroglu (Political Science)

September 12

"Famine, War, and the Music that Binds: Irish Methods of Coping with Trauma and the US Civil War"
Presented by: Sarah Gerk (Music)

September 5

"Commerce in Color"
Presented by: Hilary Becker (Classical and Near Eastern Studies) 

Spring 2018

April 18

"Material Culture and Gendered Spaces: Female Card Play in Early Modern Italy"
Presented by: Nicole Wagner (Art History)

April 11

IASH Graduate Public Humanities Workshop
“Submitting projects and proposals to become a NY Humanities fellow”
Presented by: Danielle Schwartz (English) and Bradley Hutchison (History)

March 28

"Colonial Cataclysms: Climate, Culture, and Landscape during Mexico's Little Ice Age"
Presented by: Bradley Skopyk (History)

March 21

"Merchants, Monetization, and Networking: Chinese Commercial Expansion in Qing Mongolia"
Presented by: Yi Wang (History) 

March 14

"Cultivating the Reader in the Bible historiale"
Presented by: Jeanette Patterson (Medieval and Renaissance Studies) 

February 28

"Doing and Suffering in Paul Scheerbart's 'Lesabéndio'"
Presented by: Carl Gelderloos (German and Russian Studies) 

February 21

"Educational Justice and Relational Goods"
Presented by: Jenn Dum (Philosophy) 

January 31

"Docufiction in Werner Herzog's Recent Films"
Presented by: Jeroen Gerrits (Comperative Literature)

Fall 2017

November 29

IASH Graduate Public Humanities Workshop
“Submitting projects and proposals to become a NY Humanities fellow”
Presented by: Danielle Schwartz (English) and Bradley Hutchison (History)

November 15

"Developing 'Binghamton's Business': Local Histories of Capitalism Using DH Tools"
Presented by: Dael Norwood (History)

November 8

"How the World Came Home: Migration and the Deepening Global Color Line In Early 20th Century China"
Presented by: Ana Candela (Sociology)

October 25

"The American Agrarian Question, 1830-1897"
Presented by: Ben Marley (Sociology)

October 18

"Banyas, Liminality, and the Otherworld in M.A. Bulgakov's 'Master and Margarita'"
Presented by: Sidney Dement (German and Russian Studies)

September 27

"Public perception of politician language use in Quebec: At the crossroads of linguistic norm and sociolinguistic identity"
Presented by: Yulia Bosworth (Romance Languages and Literatures)

September 13

"The Social Location of the Victim/Survivor of Sexual Assault"
Presented by: Courtney Miller (Philosophy)

September 6

"Black Enlightenment: The Case of Ignatius Sancho"
Presented by: Surya Parekh (English)

Spring 2017

April 5

"Necromancing the Archive"
Presented by: Bridget Whearty (English, Medieval and Renaissance Studies)

March 29

"Penance as Medicine: Intersecting Genres in Early Medieval Thought"
Presented by: Meg Leja (History)

March 22

"Languages in Cinemas of India"
Presented by: Monika Mehta (English)

March 15

"Language, Plasticity and Modernism in Debora Vogel's Poetics"
Presented by: Anystasiya Lyubas (Comparative Literature)

March 1

"German Bankers and the Conquest of Venezuela: Cultural Memory of 'Heretic' Capital and Colonization"
Presented by: Giovanna Montenegro (Comparative Literature, Romance Languages and Literatures)

February 22

"Hip Hop's Living Room DJs: Black Women and Latinas Collecting and Selecting Records in the 1960s and 1970s New York"
Presented by: Jennifer Stoever (English)

February 8

"Mormon Technologies of Salvation"
Presented by: Amanda Beardsley (Art History)

Fall 2016

December 7

"Passions and the Peaceable Kingdom: Religious and Civic Emotions in Early Modern Augsburg"
Presented by: Sean Dunwoody, (Medieval and Renaissance Studies, History)

November 30

"The Problem of Progress in 1810"
Jessie Reader (English)

November 16

“Encountering el Extranjero: The Poetry of the Humanismo Solidario Movement Challenging the Ethics of Cultural Exchange in a Globalized World”
Presented by: Danielle Nash (Comparative Literature)

November 9

"Social Stratification in the Eastern Sephardi Diaspora: The Case of Ottoman Izmir"
Presented by: Dina Danon (Judaic Studies)

October 26

"Ethno-Religious Conflict and Political Change at the Turkish-Syrian Border"
Presented by: Sule Can (Anthropology)

October 19

"The Pen and the Pan: Maryse Condé's Victoire, My Mother's Mother and Mets et merveilles [Dishes and Wonders]"
Presented by: Robyn Cope, (Romance Languages and Literatures)

October 5

"The Little Grandmother of the Russian Revolution: Catherine Breshkovsky in the United States, 1904-1920"
Presented by: Chelsea Gibson (History)

September 21

"Violence in Interreligious Thought: The Logic of Abrogation and its Alternatives"
Presented by: Barbara Meyer (Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Humanities)

September 14

"Duties of Beneficence, Obligatory Aid, And What Any of This has to do with Helping the Global Poor"
Presented by: Anja Karnein (Philosophy) 

Spring 2016

May 4

“Neo-Malthusianism and the Immigration Act of 1965”
Presented by: Wendy Wall (History) 

April 20

"‘Being Gone’: Chris Burden's B.C. Mexico (1973)”
Presented by: Kevin Hatch (Art History)

April 13  

“Arab Women Travelers in the United States: Reading the American City, Reversing the Gaze”
Presented by: Rania Said (Comparative Literature) 

April 6

“The Birth of the T'omangmin (土幕民): Affect, Science, and Medicine in Management of the Urban Poor in 1930s and 1940s Korea”
Presented by: Sonja M. Kim (Asian and Asian American Studies) 

March 16

“Jewish-Owned Venues for Black Music in Twentieth-Century New York”
Presented by: Jonathan Karp (History, Judaic Studies)

March 9

"Community Justice and Regional Development in Turkey's Peace and Reconciliation Process"
Presented by: Hande Sarikuzu (Anthropology) 

March 2

"Soft Architecture and the ‘Movable City’ – Military Camps in Europe's Early Modern Borderlands”
Presented by: Karen Barzman (Art History)

February 17

"‘And like that, he's gone!’: Confession, Contention, and the Hidden Imam in Twelver Shi'i Islam”
Presented by: Omid Ghaemmaghami (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)

February 10

"Vigilante Mobilization and Local Order: Evidence from Mexico"
Presented by: Michael Weintraub (Political Science)

Fall 2015

December 2

"Americanness, Caribbeanness and Creoleness in Lakshmi Persaud's Butterfly in the Wind and Sastra"
Presented by: Robyn Cope (Romance Languages and Literatures)

November 18

"‘The Killer Among Us’: Serial Killing in Contemporary Puerto Rican Narrative"
Presented by: Sandra Casanova-Vizcaino (Romance Languages and Literatures)

November 4

"Progress and Moral Relativism"
Presented by: Gary Santillanes (Philosophy)

October 28

“Heart Deserts: Memory and Myth between Life and Death in Manafi al-Rabb and al-Khibaᵓ”
Presented by: Mary Youssef (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)

October 14

"'We seek justice, not revenge': Catholicism and Transnational Human Rights Movements in Guatemala, 1968-1996"
Presented by: Michael Cangemi (History)

October 7

"‘A Gauge of Our Faithfulness': Religion and the Politics of Immigration Reform"
Presented by: Wendy Wall (History)

September 30

"A Space to Develop: Mining and Indigenous Institution Building as Anti-Systemic Praxis in Guatemala"
Presented by: Samantha Fox (Sociology)

September 16

"Ranveer Singh's ‘Chichorapan’: Habitus, Masculinity, and Stardom"
Presented by: Praseeda Gopinath (English)

Spring 2015

April 29

"Human Rights, Risk, and Responsibility"
Presented by: Anthony Reeves (Philosophy)

April 22

"Challenging Franco's Regime through Detective Fiction: Manuel Vázquez Montalbán - Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?"
Presented by: Isabel Palomo Merino (Translation Research and Instruction Program)

April 15

"The Taste of Fairy Tale: Consumption as a Theme and Textual Strategy in Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson"
Presented by: Natalia Andrievskikh (Comparative Literature)

April 1

"History of Literary Appreciation in the United States"
Presented by: Matthew McConn (Graduate School of Education)

March 18

"Cheap Food and Bad Climate: From Surplus-Value to Negative-Value in the Capitalist World-Ecology"
Presented by: Jason Moore (Sociology)

March 11

"Redefining Human Rights from a Feminist Perspective: The Global Campaign to Eradicate Violence, 1985-1993"
Presented by: Deneil Hill (History)

March 4

"When (East) Indians Were White, Then Not: Racial Formation and Naturalization Law in the Early 20th-Century United States"
Presented by: John Cheng (Asian and Asian American Studies)

February 18

"Lysioidia: 'Transgendering' Actresses/Actors in Hellenistic Greek and Roman Republican Theater"
Presented by: John Starks (Classical and Near Eastern Studies) 

February 11

"Reinventing Working Class: 'Dignity Politics' and Social Entrepreneurship in a Chinese Migrant Workers' Community in Beijing"
Presented by: Yang Zhan (Anthropology)

February 4

"'Pushkin' is our Everything: Delimiting the Referentiality of the Monument in Tatyana Tolstaya's Slynx"
Presented by: Sidney Dement (German and Russian Studies)

Fall 2014

December 3

"The Coolie Specter: A Ghost of Primitive Accumulations Past, Present and Futures"
Presented by: Ana Candela (Sociology)

November 19

"Making It: Scottish Experiences in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire"
Presented by: Erin Annis (History) 

November 12

"Testimonies and Debates of Coolie Trafficking: The Colonial Past and the Global Present"
Presented by: Lisa Yun (English) 

November 5

"Purgatories of the Mind: Punishment and Self-Knowledge in Fourteenth-Century Middle English Texts"
Presented by: Deirdre Riley (English) 

October 29

"Making a Public Currency/Call it Fascism"
Presented by Doug Holmes (Anthropology)

October 22

"Can there be Government without a State?"
Presented by: Rochelle DuFord (Philosophy)

October 15

"Thomas Adès and the Dilemmas of Musical Surrealism"
Presented by: Drew Massey (Music)

October 8

"Historical Transformations and the Rise of a New-Consciousness Novel in Egypt"
Presented by: Mary Youssef (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)

October 1

"Ganymede in the Twelfth-century Classroom: Two Odes by Horace"
Present by: Tina Chronopoulos (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)

September 17

"Translating the Works of Zenta Maurina: A Reading"
Presented by: Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit (Comparative Literature)

Spring 2014 

April 30

"The Deathly Erotics of the Eighteenth-Century Novel"
Presented by: Kristine Jennings (Comparative Literature)

April 9

"Identity, Alterity, and Abstract Opera: Robert Wilson and Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach (1976–2012)"  
Presented by: Paul Schleuse (Music)

April 2

"Conceptualizing Aldo Tambellini's Black TV: Intermedia, Process Perception, and the Network Subject"
Presented by: Matt Applegate (Comparative Literature)

March 19

"Capital, Nation-state and Nature: Oil and Reproducing Mosul in the Modern World Economy" 
Presented by: Zehra Tasdemir (Sociology)

March 12

"Exilic Spaces and the World-Economy: Territorial and Structural Escape"
Presented by: Denis O'Hearn (Sociology)

March 5

“Gods of Becoming”
Presented by: Randy Friedman (Judaic Studies) 

February 26

"Political Documents and Bureaucratic Entrepreneurs: Lobbying the European Parliament during Turkey's EU Integration" 
Presented by: Bilge Firat O'Hearn (Istanbul Technical University, Humanities and Social Sciences)

February 12

"Reproducing the Food/Body Regime"
Presented by: Diana Gildea (IASH Dean’s Research Fellow)

February 5

(Rescheduled for February 19, 2014)
“Aetas Horatiana: Reading Horace's Odes in Twelfth-Century England and France”
Presented by: Tina Chronopoulos (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)

January 29

"From Demons to Ducklings: Travels of the Buddha in Medieval Tuscany"
Presented by: Olivia Holmes (English)

Fall 2013

December 4

"Global Food Shocks & the Crisis of Socio-Ecological Reproduction"
Presented by: Diana Gildea (IASH Dean’s Research Fellow)

November 20

"Lordship and Commune: A Comparative Study of Building and Decorating in Reims and Amiens"
Presented by: Barbara Abou El Haj (Art History)

November 13 

"Becoming 'Authentic' Iban within 'Contagious' Iban Culture: Young Women's Same Sex Relationship in South Korea"
Presented by: Layoung Shin (Anthropology)

November 6

"The Sixth Crusade: Antichrist, Fredrick II, and Muslims in Western Eschatology" 
Presented by: Ilana Ben-Ezra (History, Political Science)

October 30

"In the Neighborhood of Empire: Baku Communities in the Interwar Period" 
Presented by: Heather DeHaan (History)

October 23

"Infrastructure and Regional Integration around the Bosphorus: Material Futures or Political Dreamscapes?" 
Presented by: Bilge Firat O'Hearn (Istanbul Technical University, Humanities and Social Sciences)

October 16

"Access to Essential Medicines: Why We Should Support the Global Health Impact Campaign"
Presented by: Nicole Hassoun (Philosophy)

October 9

"Narcissistic Sensibilities: The Erotics of an Imagined Self in English and German Novels of the Eighteenth Century"
Presented by: Kristine Jennings (Comparative Literature)

October 2

"What Cinema Isn't: Will and Blindness in Fritz Lang"
Presented by: Brian Wall (Cinema)

September 25

"‘To Wage the Peace': The 1965 Immigration Act and the Cold War Politics of Immigration Reform"
Presented by: Wendy Wall (History)  

September 18

"Up Against the Wall: Guerrilla Discourse and DIY Media in 1960's Manhattan" 
Presented by: Matt Applegate (Comparative Literature)

September 11

"Democracy" and American Education, 1930-1960”
Presented by: Adam Laats (Graduate School of Education)

Spring 2013

April 24

"The Sonic Color-Line: Race and The Cultural Politics of Listening in America" 
Presented by: Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman (English) 

April 10

"The Social Production of Meaning: Parallelism as a Semiotic Principle" 
Presented by: Douglas Glick (Anthropology) 

April 3

"Future and Once: Community and Affiliation in King Arthur's Court" 
Presented by: Kara Maloney (English) 

March 13

"Politics of the Soul: Passions, Factions, Akrasia"
Presented by: Carlos Cortissoz (Philosophy) 

February 27

"Sugar, Slavery and Landscape in 19th Century Cuba: A Visual History" 
Presented by: Dale Tomich (Sociology) 

February 20

"The Renaissance: Inter-Disciplinary Approaches"
Presented by: Richard MacKenney (History) 

February 13

"Food Regime Transitions, Then and Now" 
Presented by: Diana Gildea, (IASH Dean’s Research Fellow) 

Fall 2012

December 5

"Nietzsche on Truth and Politics" 
Presented by: Robert Guay (Philosophy) 

November 28

"Herzog Ernst B: An Experiment in Narration and Nation Building" 
Presented by: Rosmarie Morewedge (German and Russian Studies)

November 14 

"Islands of the Rational: Race, Decolonization and the Dialogics of Modernity in Richard Wright's late work" 
Presented by: Joseph Keith (English) 

November 7

"From Pole to Pole Resounding: Epideictic, Performativity, and Musical Rhetoric in John Dryden's "Albion and Albanius" 
Presented by: Andrew Walkling (Dean's Assistant Professor)

October 31

"Psychology of the State: Plato, Virtue Politics and the Collective Mind" 
Presented by: Carlos Cortissoz (Philosophy) 

 October 24, 2012

"Patient Rights and the Mentally Ill: Deinstitutionalization in the Late 1960s" 
Presented by: Amanda Levine (Philosophy, Politics, and Law) 

October 10

"Censorship and Cooperation in Salt of the Earth"
Presented by: Scott Henkel (English) 

October 3

"House of Dreams: The Story of L. M. Montgomery, author of ‘Anne of Green Gables’" 
Presented by: Liz Rosenberg (English) 

September 19

"Articulations of Homes in Literatures of South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora: Coloniality, Partition, and 9/11" 
Presented by: Diviani Chaudhuri (Comparative Literature) 

September 12

"Mecca of the American Syphilitic: Doctors, Patients and Disease Identity in Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1940" 
Presented by: Elliott Bowen (History) 

Spring 2012

May 9 

"The Other Side of Abolition" 
Presented by: Lisa Yun (English, Asian and Asian American Studies) 

May 2

"From Regionalism to Programmatic Competition: Korean Political Parties Under Transformation"
Presented by: Yoonkyung Lee (Sociology, Asian and Asian American Studies) 

April 25

"Translating Rigoberta Menchú and (Re)Constructing the Story of All Poor Guatemalans" 
Presented by: Erin Riddle (Comparative Literature) 

April 18

"Process Gives Way to Product: A Theory of Grading Student Writing" 
Presented by Kelly Kinney (English)

April 11

"Homo Rationalis: Self-Interested Rationality in the Context of Psychological Realism" 
Presented by: Leonard Simmons (Philosophy, Politics, and Law, Political Science) 

March 28

"Structural Justice and the Objects of Responsibility"
Presented by: Jessica Payson (Philosophy) 

March 21

"Towers of Faith: Eighteenth Century Philippine Fortress Churches" 
Presented by Lalaine Little (Art History)

March 7

"Critically Theorizing African Heterosexuality"
Presented by: Nkiru Nzegwu (Africana Studies) 

February 29

"C. L. R. James' Challenge to the Enlightenment Tradition" 
Presented by: Scott Henkel (English) 

February 15

"The Ethics of Care and Military Humanitarian Intervention" 
Presented by: Jessica Kyle (Philosophy)  

February 8

"Vox feminae, vox populi (A Woman's Voice, The People's Voice): Demand for Actresses in the Roman World" 
Presented by: John Starks, (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)

February 1

"The Object of and in Film Theory: The Maltese Falcon (1941)" 
Presented by: Brian Wall (Cinema)  

Fall 2011

December 7

"Translating Memory: Jana Hensel's Zonenkinder and the American Anticommunist Framework"
Presented by: Erin Riddle (Comparative Literature)

November 30

"Living with Pop: Mass Media Imagery and American Influence in the Art of 1960s West Germany"
Presented by: Tracy Stuber (Art History, German Studies)

November 16

"From Coolies to Model Minorities: Retelling the Pacific Passage"
Presented by: Lisa Yun (English, Asian and Asian American Studies)

November 9

"‘A deeper breath’: From Body to Spirit in Kiss Me Deadly" (1955)
Presented by: Brian Wall (Cinema)

November 2

"Ernst Jünger's Total Moment: 'Das Abenteuerliche Herz' and 20th century European Aesthetics"
Presented by: Harald Zils (German and Russian Studies)

October 26

"DVD Compilations of Hindi Film Songs: (Re) Shuffling Sound, Stardom and Cinephilia"
Presented by: Monika Mehta (English Department)

October 19

"Moral Failure"
Presented by: Lisa Tessman (Philosophy)

October 12

"The Wounded Healer: The Liminal Body and Trauma Narrative in Richard Selzer's Raising the Dead"
Presented by: Jiena Sun (English)

October 5

"Pagan's Progress: Christian Visual Culture in Early Modern Philippines"
Presented by: Lalaine Little (Art History)

September 21

"Predicting Revolutions Through Cinema"
Presented by: Sariel Birnbaum (Judaic Studies)

September 14

"The Problem of Global Worldlessness: Competing Care Values in Military Humanitarian Intervention Debates"
Presented by: Jessica Kyle (Philosophy)

September 7

"Individual Responsibilities for Global Justice"
Presented by: Jessica Payson (Philosophy)

August 31

"Kafka and His Readers"
Presented by: Neil Christian Pages (German and Russian Studies, Comparative Literature)

Spring 2011

May 4

"(Un)Common Blood: The Alienation of Rome's Italian Allies 200-87 BCE"
Presented by: Jan Dewitt (Classical and Near Eastern Studies)  

April 27

"Postmemory and Reconciliation in Argentine Postdictatorship"
Presented by: Ana Ros (Romance Languages and Literatures)

April 13

“Return Migration to Eastern Anatolia 1890-1908” 
Presented by: David Gutman (History)

April 6

"Corruption Politics and Neoliberalism"
Presented by: Leslie Gates (Sociology)  

March 30

"Sedition and the Slave Narrative"
Presented by: Scott Henkel (English)

March 9

"The Animal/Human Divide: Brantôme’s Dames Galantes and the Woman Question" 
Presented by: Dora Polachek, (Romance Languages and Literatures)

February 23

"Judicial Identity and Judicial Choice." 
Presented by: Wendy Martinek (Political Science)

February 16

“On the Foundations of Platonic Theology.” 
Presented by: Lewis Trelawny-Cassity (Philosophy)

February 9

"Gender and Sexuality in an Anti-AIDS Organization: An Intersectional Perspective."
Presented by: Benita Roth (Sociology)

Fall 2010

December 6

“Nachtrauer: Lou Andreas-Salome's Rilke Book” 
Presented by: Gisela Brinker-Gabler (Comparative Literature)

November 29

“Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata No. 9 and the year 1948” 
Presented by: Jieun Jang (Music)

November 22

“The Journalism of Cecília Meireles: Debates on Education in the thirties and forties” 
Presented by: Luiza Moreira (Comparative Literature)

November 8

“The Middle-Grade Civil Servant: Masculinity, Englishness, and James Bond” 
Presented by: Praseeda Gopinath (English)

November 1

“Reading Rosenzweig Reading Torah”
Presented by: Randy L. Friedman (Philosophy, Judaic Studies)

October 25

“On Mourning, Inheritance, Arts and Politics: Films by/on Sons and Daughters of Disappeared Prisoners During the Argentine Dictatorship”
Presented by: Ana Ros (Romance Languages and Literatures) 

October 18

“Agents of Mobility: The Emergence of a Migration Industry in Eastern Anatolia, 1885-1915”
Presented by: David Gutman (History)

October 4

"'A Tale Completed in the Mind': The Theatrical Origin and Recreational Function of Orazio Vecchi's L'Amfiparnaso (1597)."
Presented by: Paul Schleuse (Music)

September 27

“The Messiness of Activist Spaces” 
Presented by: Benita Roth (Sociology)

September 20

“Rural Life, Economics, and Women in Chosŏn Korea (1392-1910): Relative Equality and Empowerment in a Confucian Society?”  
Presented by: Michael J Pettid (Asian and Asian American Studies)

2.3 Past Events – Conferences, Panels, and Workshops