Faculty Fellowships

IASH offers up to five fellowships a semester to Binghamton University faculty. IASH Faculty Fellows are released from teaching one course during either the Fall or the Spring semester and their department/program is remunerated for the release as needed either by Harpur College or if not Harpur faculty, by the appropriate unit dean. Fellows receive a small research allowance from IASH. During the fellowship semester, Faculty Fellows participate in the IASH meeting and publicly present their work. IASH meets on Wednesdays noon – 1:30pm.

Faculty who have had an IASH Fellowship in the past can apply again. The waiting period between Fellowships is three years. For example, if your most recent Fellowship was in Fall 2021, your next Fellowship can be in Fall 2024 and you would apply for it in Fall 2023.

To facilitate innovative work in the public humanities, digital humanities, as well as innovative teaching, IASH encourages faculty to submit proposals in these areas. These proposals are considered on par with traditional research-writing proposals. 

Current Faculty Fellows

Heather Dehaan (History)

“Myths of Collective Life: Neighborhood Imagination in Soviet Baku”


Mateo Duque (Philosophy)

“Acting Out Philosophy: Socrates Becoming Diotima in Plato’s Symposium”


Monika Mehta (English)

“‘Spreadable’ Censorship and Networked Cultures”


Shay Rabineau (Judaic Studies)

“Dead Sea Walking”


Katherine Reinhart (Art History)

“‘Sic Itur Ad Astra’: The Politics of Architecture and the Construction of the Paris Observatory”


Doctoral Fellowships

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) offers up to two Doctoral Fellowships (DF) to Binghamton University Ph.D. students per semester. Students applying for an IASH DF must be ABD by the May commencement of the application semester, and their funding from Binghamton University (including the IASH DF) cannot exceed the limits set by Binghamton University. Occasionally, IASH considers exemptions from the university's funding rules. 

Current Doctoral Fellows

Muuhammet Akkus (Political Science)

“Varieties of Islamic Movements and Political Regime Preferences in Dual-Legitimacy Systems”


David Kaminsky (History)

“The Founding Stranger: Russian Refugees in the Interwar Kingdom of Yugoslavia”


Application Deadlines

Applications for 2024-25 doctoral fellowships are due on March 15th.

Applications for 2024-25 Faculty Fellowships are now closed.  Applications for 2025-26 will open in the fall.