Past Doctoral

Past Doctoral Fellows

  • 2023


    • Amanda Ortiz (History): "Credit in a Polycentric Viceroyalty: the Political Economy of Credit in Popayán
    • Xinyuan Qui (English): "Disciplinary Sentimentality in British Sentimental Fiction of the Global Eighteenth Century"


    • Colin Kohlhaas (History): "The Spread of Violent Rhetoric in Chicago Irish Nationalism, 1890-1922"
    • Debarati Roy (English): "Production Houses and Paradigms of Subjecthood in Neoliberal India"
  • 2022


    • Busra Sati (Sociology): "Worker's Foods and Foodways in the U.S. Industrial Belt in the 20th Century"  
    • Pei-Chun (Viola) Hsieh (Art History): "Tactile Politics and Textile Dwellings in Wang Te-yu's Inflatable Art, circa 1996"


    • Nihan Soyoz (Comparative Literature): "An Ottoman Intervention into the ‘Worldliness’ of the Thousand and One Nights"
    • Joshua Kluever (History): "Socialists in the New York Legislature"
  • 2021


    • Forney, Rebecca (Comparative Literature): “An Assemblage of Embodied Voices in Assia Djebar’s ‘Women of Algiers’”
    • Friday, Gabreela (Sociology): “Women Doing Time: Race, Gender, and Punishment”


    • Janec, Eric (Philosophy): "Political Realism: Rules without Morals"
    • Stephens, Michael (Sociology): "The Neoliberal Politics of LGBTQ Rights and Tourism in Cartagena de Indias"
  • 2020


    • Black, Corrine (Comparative Literature): "Speculative Fiction After the Digital Turn" Sgouros, Timi (History): "Stolen Nuns"


    • Jon, Ihnmi (Art History): “Radicalism at a Crossroads: The 1970s-80s Tokyo Artworld”
    • Lethbridge, James (Philosophy): “Toleration, Power, and Democracy: Exploring the Constitutional Limits of Toleration”
  • 2019


    • De, Amrita (Comparative Literature): “Fragile Masculinity in the Time of #Metoo”
    • Tercha, Jason (History): “Railroads and Agricultural Development in Antebellum Northern Virginia”


    • Gordon, Addie (Art History): "The Cidade Da Cultura de Galicia and the New Camino Experience"
    • Oruc, Sinan (Philosophy): "Promises, Practices and the Force of Language: Rawls, Cavell, Wittgenstein"
  • 2018


    • FitzGerald, James (English): "Race, Resistance, and the Rise of Cold War Eugenics"
    • Jones, Jonathan S. (History): "The Effects of Opiate Addiction on Civil War Veterans' Post War Lives"


    • Dum, Jenn (Philosophy): "Educational Justice and Relational Goods"
    • Wagner, Nicole (Art History): "Material Culture and Gendered Spaces: Female Card Play in Early Modern Italy"
  • 2017


    • Marley, Benjamin (Sociology): "The American Agrarian Question, 1830-1897"
    • Miller, Courtney (Philosophy): "The Social Location of the Victim/Survivor of Sexual Assault"


    • Beardsley, Amanda (Art History): "Mormon Technologies of Salvation"
    • Lyubas, Anastasyia (Comparative Literature): "Language, Plasticity and Modernism in Debora Vogel's Poetics"
  • 2016


    • Can, Suel (Anthropology): "Ethno-Religious Conflict and Political Change at the Turkish-Syrian Border"
    • Gibson, Chelsea (History): "The Little Grandmother of the Russian Revolution: Catherine Breshkovsky in the United States, 1904-1920"


    • Said, Rania (Comparative Literature): “Arab Women Travelers in the United States: Reading the American City, Reversing the Gaze”
    • Sarikuzu, Hande (Anthropology): "Community Justice and Regional Development in Turkey's Peace and Reconciliation Process"
  • 2015


    • Cangemi, Michael (History): "'We seek justice, not revenge': Catholicism and Transnational Human Rights Movements in Guatemala, 1968-1996"
    • Fox, Samantha (Sociology): "A Space to Develop: Mining and Indigenous Institution Building as Anti-Systemic Praxis in Guatemala"
    • Santillanes, Gary (Philosophy): "Progress and Moral Relativism"


    • Andrievskikh, Natalia (Comparative Literature): "The Taste of Fairy Tale: Consumption as a Theme and Textual Strategy in Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson"
    • Hill, Deneil (History): "Redefining Human Rights from a Feminist Perspective: The Global Campaign to Eradicate Violence, 1985-1993"
    • Merino, Isabel Palomo (TRIP): "Challenging Franco's Regime through Detective Fiction: Manuel Vázquez Montalbán - Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?"
    • Zhan, Yang (Anthropology): "Reinventing Working Class: 'Dignity Politics' and Social Entrepreneurship in a Chinese Migrant Workers' Community in Beijing"
  • 2014


    • Annis, Erin (History): "Making It: Scottish Experiences in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire"
    • DuFord, Rochelle (Philosophy): "Purgatories of the Mind: Punishment and Self-Knowledge in Fourteenth-Century Middle English Texts"
    • Riley, Deidre (English, Medieval and Renaissance Studies): "Purgatories of the Mind: Punishment and Self-Knowledge in Fourteenth-Century Middle English Texts"


    • Applegate, Matt (Comparative Literature): "Conceptualizing Aldo Tambellini's Black TV: Intermedia, Process Perception, and the Network Subject"
    • Jennings, Kristine (Comparative Literature): "The Deathly Erotics of the Eighteenth-Century Novel"
    • Tasdemir, Zehra (Sociology): "Capital, Nation-state and Nature: Oil and Reproducing Mosul in the Modern World Economy" 
  • 2013


    • Applegate, Matt (Comparative Literature): "Up Against the Wall: Guerrilla Discourse and DIY Media in 1960's Manhattan"
    • Jennings, Kristine (Comparative Literature): "Narcissistic Sensibilities: The Erotics of an Imagined Self in English and German Novels of the Eighteenth Century"
    • Shin, Layoung (Anthropology): "Becoming 'Authentic' Iban within 'Contagious' Iban Culture: Young Women's Same Sex Relationship in South Korea"


    • Cortissoz, Carlos (Philosophy): "Politics of the Soul: Passions, Factions, Akrasia"
    • Maloney, Kara Larson (English): "Future and Once: Community and Affiliation in King Arthur's Court" 
  • 2012


    • Bowen, Elliot (History): "Mecca of the American Syphilitic: Doctors, Patients and Disease Identity in Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1940" 
    • Chauduri, Diviani (Comparative Literature): "Articulations of Homes in Literatures of South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora: Coloniality, Partition, and 9/11" 
    • Cortissoz, Carlos (Philosophy): "Psychology of the State: Plato, Virtue Politics and the Collective Mind" 


    • Kyle, Jessica (Philosophy): "The Ethics of Care and Military Humanitarian Intervention" 
    • Payson, Jessica (Philosophy): "Structural Justice and the Objects of Responsibility"
    • Riddle, Erin (Comparative Literature): "Translating Rigoberta Menchú and (Re)Constructing the Story of All Poor Guatemalans" 
  • 2011


    • Little, Lalaine (Art history): "Pagan's Progress: Christian Visual Culture in Early Modern Philippines"
    • Kyle, Jessica (Philosophy): "The Problem of Global Worldlessness: Competing Care Values in Military Humanitarian Intervention Debates"
    • Payson, Jessica (Philosophy): "Individual Responsibilities for Global Justice"
    • Riddle, Erin (Comparative Literature): "Translating Memory: Jana Hensel's Zonenkinder and the American Anticommunist Framework"
    • Sun, Jiena (English): "The Wounded Healer: The Liminal Body and Trauma Narrative in Richard Selzer's Raising the Dead"


    • Gutman, David (History): “Return Migration to Eastern Anatolia 1890-1908” 
      Trelawny-Cassity, Lewis (Philosophy): “On the Foundations of Platonic Theology.” 
  • 2010
    • Gutman, David (History): “Agents of Mobility: The Emergence of a Migration Industry in Eastern Anatolia, 1885-1915”
    • Trelawny-Cassity, Lewis (Philosophy): “On the Theory and Practice of Punishment in Plato’s Laws”

Past Public Humanities Fellows

Past Public Humanities Faculty Projects

Broadcasting World Literature

Project PIs: Giovanna Montenagro and Jeroen Gerrits

Digital Archive of Art from Guantanamo 

Project PI: Alexandra Moore

Past Public Humanities Graduate Fellows


Shruti Jain (English) and Le Li (TRIP)

Title: "Immigrants Wake America"

Jessica Femiani(English)

Title: "Young Women Writing Life"

2020 – 2021

Justine Lewis (Community Research and Action)

Title: "Resource Networks for Newcomers"

Busra Sati  (Sociology)

Title: "Binghamton's Food History"

2019 – 2020

Benjamin Burgholzer (English)

Title: "Writing for Recovery in the Southern Tier"

Debarati Roy (English)

Title: "Untold Stories and Diasporic Voices"

2018 – 2019

Julia Haager (History)

Title: "The Legal and Political History of Reproductive Rights"

Kayla Hardy-Butler (English)

Title: "The Minority Youth Writers Lab"

2017 – 2018

Bradley Hutchison (History)

Title: "The Legacy of Migration between the United States and Middle East"

Danielle Schwartz (English)

Title: "Binghamton Cinema"