Past Public Humanities Projects

Past Public Humanities Faculty Projects

The Ladino Collaboratory (2020-2023)

Project PIs: Bryan Kirschen and Dina Danon

Smaller Narratives for a Larger World (2020-2022)

Project PIs: Giovanna Montenagro and Jeroen Gerrits

Broadcasting World Literature (2018-2020)

Project PIs: Giovanna Montenagro and Jeroen Gerrits

Digital Archive of Art from Guantanamo (2018-2019)

Project PI: Alexandra Moore

Past Public Humanities Graduate Fellows 

2022 - 2023

Coleen Watson (Philosophy)

Title: "The Wisdom of the People"

Liyang Dong (English)

Title: "Immigrant Detainees and Survivors"

2021 - 2022

Jessica Femiani (English)

Title: "Young Women Writing Life"

Shruti Jain (English) and Le Li (TRIP)

Title: "Immigrants Wake America"

2020 - 2021

Justine Lewis (Community Research and Action)

Title: "Resource Networks for Newcomers"

Busra Sati  (Sociology)

Title: "Binghamton's Food History"

2019 – 2020

Benjamin Burgholzer (English)

Title: "Writing for Recovery in the Southern Tier"

Debarati Roy (English)

Title: "Untold Stories and Diasporic Voices"

2018 – 2019

Julia Haager (History)

Title: "The Legal and Political History of Reproductive Rights"

Kayla Hardy-Butler (English)

Title: "The Minority Youth Writers Lab"

2017 – 2018

Bradley Hutchison (History)

Title: "The Legacy of Migration between the United States and Middle East"

Danielle Schwartz (English)

Title: "Binghamton Cinema"