English Language Institute

The English Language Institute was first established as the English as a Second Language Program at Binghamton University in 1984. The ELI is part of the Division of Academic Affairs and its courses are University-Wide Courses, in line with its missions to support students in all schools across campus. Our credit-bearing academic English classes in speaking and listening, reading and writing and pronunciation are geared to the advanced English language learner at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Together with the Center for Teaching and Learning and University Tutoring Services, English-language tutoring plays an important role in our program; trained tutors meet one-on-one with students to assist with a variety of linguistic, social or academic difficulties.

Our support programs include the English Conversation Pairs Program, Conversation Circles, and the International Language Association, which all provide more access to English and opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and opportunities.

A unique aspect to Binghamton University's ELI is the inclusion of English Speaking Assistants (ESAs) in our academic courses. Juniors and seniors apply and interview to be ESAs as part of a practicum in college teaching course. The course provides a theoretical and practical exposure to the teaching of English and at the same time provides for more one-on-one interaction for students, strengthening the classroom community and the campus culture at large.

Our Mission

The mission of the English Language Institute is to provide the campus community academic English courses, programming, tutoring and general support so that all members of Binghamton University can be successful in their professional and academic endeavors. Through compassionate professionalism in all we do, the ELI strives to create community not only among students on campus, but also among offices on campus so as to, together, achieve the goals of Binghamton University.

Welcome to the English Language Institute at Binghamton University!