The English Language Institute offers courses, tutoring, and programming for non-native speakers of English at Binghamton University.  Learn more about our academic support offerings by selecting from the menu below:

  • New & Prospective Students

    The English Language Institute has completed a small series of webinars for new and prospective students. Although the Webinars focus on new undergraduate students, we believe that graduate students can benefit from them as well. For graduate level course descriptions, please see the "Course Listings" tab below.

    Linda Sukarat, ELI Interim Director: What the English Language Institute Will Do for You

    Trena Haffenden, Lecturer, ELI Conversation Pairs Director: How to Practice Your English Langauge Skills

    Kellie Tompkins, Lecturer: American Culture: Prepare for University Life & Classes

    Corrine Spencer, Lecturer, Department Webmaster: Computer Needs, Skills & Perks for International Students Studying at BU

  • Course Listings

    ELI 715: Advanced Speaking & Listening Comprehension

    Instruction and practice in understanding classroom lectures and discussions are provided. In addition, students work on improving their pronunciation and their ability to express complex ideas in both classroom discussions and formal oral presentations. This course is offered in the fall and spring semesters and provides 1-4 credit hours towards full-time status.

    ELI 720: Advanced English as a Second Language

    This course is for students who have a general command of English, but whose skills still need improvement. There is a strong emphasis on writing, but this course also provides opportunities for practice in reading, speaking and listening. Emphasis on the improvement of academic and professional writing necessary to be a successful graduate student and professional. Topics may include updated statements, professional research, technical and business documents, and more. This course is offered in the spring semester and provides 1-4 credit hours towards full-time status.

    ELI 725: Oral Communication for Professional Purposes

    This course is designed for graduate students who are potential teaching assistants, doctoral candidates, and other graduate students who need to improve their oral communication skills for use in a variety of educational and professional settings. Emphasis on development of accurate pronunciation and cross-cultural communication strategies as well as such skills as presenting information effectively, facilitating discussions and giving formal presentations. This course is offered during the fall and spring semester and provides 1-4 credit hours towards full-time status.

    GRD 575: Developing International Scholars

    This course is specifically for international teaching assistants to further develop their pronunciation and communication skills in the instructional setting. They will learn to self-monitor their use of English as well as improve specific individual aspects of the speech act such as word and sentence stress, rhythm, intonation and sounds. Scholars will also practice functional aspects of English needed to create a clear learning environment for the purpose of communicating with English-speaking students and colleagues. This is not a credit-bearing course.

    PREREQUISITE: You must be an International teaching assistant.

  • Graduate Tutoring

    Our ELI Tutors can help you with your ELI coursework, understanding an assignment in another class, writing, pronunciation, and so much more.

  • ELI Conversation Pairs Program
  • ELI Conversation Circles

    The ELI Conversation Circles are developed and managed by our English Speaking Assistants (ESAs) each semester. The circles are themed discussions open to both native and non-native English speakers at Binghamton University.

  • Academic Honesty

    Binghamton University takes academic honesty very seriously. Academic honesty policies protect Binghamton University's research and reputation. It is important that you familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.

  • Resources
    Language learning is a life-long process, but there are resources to help beyond our offerings at BU. 
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