The English Language Institute offers courses, tutoring, and programming for non-native speakers of English at Binghamton University.  Learn more about our academic support offerings.

  • Academic Achievement Training

    Academic Achievement Training (AAT)  is a way to get used to the American college experience by participating in language and culture workshops that will give you the skills you need to thrive at an American university. We also have several fun events over the course of the training to introduce you to other students, staff, and faculty here at Binghamton University. By the time you have completed the training, you will know how to navigate the university, where to find both academic and wellness support services, and the layout of the local community you will be joining. 

    Students will be invited by the University to participate in this program. This summer, AAT arrival and check in will be August 4, 2022, and training will be held from August 5-16. During this time, students will not live in their assigned housing for the Fall semester, but will live in summer housing with our own staff of trained resident assistants.

    Examples of AAT workshops include:

    • Safety Issues with the University Police Officers.
    • Reading textbooks and breaking down ideas.
    • Lectures and note-taking.
    • Professor expectations and reading course syllabi.
    • American classroom culture.

    Examples of our cultural activities include:

    To learn more about AAT, CLICK HERE.

  • Webinars for New & Prospective Students

    The English Language Institute has completed a small series of webinars for new and prospective students.

    Linda Sukarat, ELI Interim Director: What the English Language Institute Will Do for You

    Trena Haffenden, Lecturer, ELI Conversation Pairs Director: How to Practice Your English Language Skills

    Kellie Tompkins, Lecturer: American Culture: Prepare for University Life & Classes

    Corrine Spencer, Lecturer, Department Webmaster: Computer Needs, Skills & Perks for International Students Studying at BU

  • English Language Skills Assessment
  • Course Listings

    ELI 110: Intermediate English as a Second Language

    This 4 credit course provides instruction and practice in all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing as well as English study skills and grammar. You will receive instruction and guided practice in all of these areas with an emphasis on writing. The course includes some experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. The goal is to help you work to the best of your abilities in an English-speaking academic environment. This is a 4 credit "W" course.

    PREREQUISITE: This course is offered exclusively during the summer during the Academic Success Program for incoming first year students at Binghamton University.

    ELI 142: American College Culture

    This 2 credit course provides integrated instruction in study skills, cross-cultural issues and human development. The course includes many experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. The goal is to enable freshmen to become full participants in the academic environment.

    PREREQUISITE: This course is offered exclusively during the summer during the Academic Success Program for incoming first year students at Binghamton University.

    ELI 120: Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary

    This is a 4 credit course designed to improve reading and writing skills. Students will learn how to write strong paragraphs and short essays using the conventions typical of academic writing in a college setting. Students will also develop their vocabulary, reading and study skills.

    PREREQUISITE: By placement only.

    ELI 121: Intermediate Speaking, Listening, & Vocabulary

    In this 4 credit hour course, students will develop the listening, speaking, pronunciation and note-taking skills necessary for academic success. Students will also continue to improve their vocabulary skills.

    PREREQUISITE: By placement only.

    ELI 205: Advanced Speaking & Listening Comprehension

    This 4 credit course is designed to improve ELL students' listening and speaking abilities. Instruction and practice in understanding classroom lectures and discussions are provided. In addition, students work on improving their pronunciation and their ability to express complex ideas in both classroom discussions and formal oral presentations. This course is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

    PREREQUISITE: By placement only.

    This course counts towards "O" general education credit for undergraduates.


    ELI 210: Advanced English as a Second Language

    This 4 credit course is for students who have beyond a basic command of English but whose skills still need improvement. There is a strong emphasis on writing, but this course also provides opportunities for practice in reading, speaking and listening. This course is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

    PREREQUISITE: By placement only.


    ELI 211: Advanced Writing for ELL

    This 4 credit course is for language learners of English who have been in the US for several years and have good skills in English reading comprehension, but who still need improvement in advanced academic writing skills. Students will be guided through longer papers including a research paper. The course will provide students the opportunity to also learn about American culture through critical reading that will provide the content for writing. Students will have multiple opportunities for revision through process writing, peer feedback, English Speaking Assistant feedback and instructor feedback both written and via conferences. The course will provide opportunities to synthesize their cross cultural and English language experiences with their future plans as global citizens.

    PREREQUISITE: 2+ years studying or living in the USA.

    This course counts towards "C" general education credit for undergraduates.


    ELI 212: Fundamentals of Academic Writing

    This workshop based, 7-week, 2 credit pas/fail ELI course will explore academic research issues specific to English language learners (ELLs) and international students. This course focuses on the issues of US intellectual property and copyright law, and helps students to use style books and other resources to form proper citations and reference materials, and to find, read, and credit appropriate academic sources. The course also focuses on skill development necessary to academic writing such as summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting. Students will participate in large and small group discussions, maintain a journal, and write one essay.

    This course is encouraged for freshman and sophomore international students struggling with academic research and/or plagiarism issues.


    ELI 214: Critical Analysis/Argumentative Speech

    This 2 credit course is designed to give you the opportunity to develop and strengthen critical thinking and speaking skills by providing multiple opportunities to learn, practice, and strengthen communication and argumentative strategies through academic discussions, written response, formal presentations, and team debates. You will learn the basic principles of debate and the valuable skills of argumentation and persuasion that will assist you with your educational careers and beyond.


    ELI 215: Speaking Skills for Bilinguals

    This 4 credit course is for undergraduate students who have been in the U.S. at least two years. They should be quite fluent in English and have excellent listening comprehension, but still need work in advanced speaking skills. Instruction emphasizes pronunciation and presentation skills.

    PREREQUISITE: Students should have studied English in the USA for 2+ years.

    This course counts towards "O" general education credit for undergraduates.

    ELI 491: Practicum in College Teaching (English Speaking Assistants)

    This 4 credit course is offered each semester. During pre-registration students apply and then interview to become English Speaking Assistants for ELI oral communication classes and writing classes. Before the assigned semester students complete an on-line orientation and attend one meeting. Throughout the semester students attend assigned ELI classes and participate as native-speaker models and informants in pair and small-group work, thereby gaining a practical and theoretical exposure to ELL teaching. Students also attend three workshops about ELL methodology and plan and facilitate a "Conversation Circle" offered to the entire campus.

    PREREQUISITE: You must be a Junior or Senior. Non-native speakers must have completed an ESL/ELI course at Binghamton. Admission by permission only.

    ELI 492: Tutoring English Language Learners (ELI Tutors)

    This course is for those who wish to become, or are currently ELI Tutors. After serving for an ESA for a semester, or meeting other requirements, you may apply to take ELI 492. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible for a paid-position as an ELI Tutor at Binghamton University. The course is also taken once before becoming a tutor, and once concurrent with hiring. However, student may take the course up to 4 times.

    This intensive 1-credit course is designed as a tutor-training course, and changes each semester depending on the needs of current tutoring staff. We explore tutoring methodology/pedagogy and English language teaching skills in grammar, phonetics, communication, writing, listening, reading, and culture. Students create materials based on lessons and skills and reflect on the process, resulting in a portfolio of tutoring materials.

    PREREQUISITE: Junior or Senior class standing, completion of ELI 491. Admission by permission only.

  • Tutoring

    Our ELI tutors can help you with your ELI coursework, understanding an assignment in another class, writing, pronunciation, and so much more. 

  • ELI Conversation Pairs Program
  • ELI Conversation Circles

    The ELI Conversation Circles are developed and managed by our English Speaking Assistants (ESAs) each semester. The circles are themed discussions open to both native and non-native English speakers at Binghamton University. 

  • Academic Honesty

    Binghamton University takes academic honesty very seriously.  Academic honesty policies protect Binghamton University's research and reputation. It is important that you familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures. 

  • International Language Association (ILA)
  • Resources
    Language learning is a life-long process, but there are resources to help beyond our offerings. 
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