The English Language Institute offers courses, tutoring, and programming for non-native speakers of English at Binghamton University.  Learn more about our academic support offerings.

  • Considering BU?

    We have a lot of programs to assist multilingual students, both international and domestic. But you don't have to take our word for it! Here's a wonderful interview with our current English Speaking Assistant, Yue: https://youtu.be/WfIgn1IY3w4

  • Academic Achievement Training

    Academic Achievement Training (AAT)  is a way to get used to the American college experience by participating in language and culture workshops that will give you the skills you need to thrive at an American university. We also have several fun events over the course of the training to introduce you to other students, staff, and faculty here at Binghamton University. By the time you have completed the training, you will know how to navigate the university, where to find both academic and wellness support services, and the layout of the local community you will be joining. 

    Students will be invited by the University to participate in this program. This summer, AAT arrival and check in will be August 2, 2023, and training will be held from August 3-16. During this time, students will not live in their assigned housing for the Fall semester, but will live in summer housing with our own staff of trained resident assistants.

    Examples of AAT workshops include:

    • Safety Issues with the University Police Officers.
    • Reading textbooks and breaking down ideas.
    • Lectures and note-taking.
    • Professor expectations and reading course syllabi.
    • American classroom culture.

    Examples of our cultural activities include:

    To learn more about AAT, CLICK HERE.

  • Webinars for New & Prospective Students

    The English Language Institute has completed a small series of webinars for new and prospective students.

    Linda Sukarat, ELI Director: What the English Language Institute Will Do for You

    Trena Haffenden, Lecturer, ELI Conversation Pairs Director: How to Practice Your English Language Skills

    Kellie Tompkins, Lecturer: American Culture: Prepare for University Life & Classes

    Corrine Spencer, Lecturer, Department Webmaster: Computer Needs, Skills & Perks for International Students Studying at BU

  • English Language Skills Assessment
  • Course Listings
    Intermediate Level:

    EML 110 Intermediate English as a Second Language:  The course covers all 4 skills plus grammar and vocabulary. 

    EML 115 Academic Achievement Skills Discussion: The course is offered during the Fall semester.

    EML 120  Intermediate Reading, Writing and Vocabulary: This course is offered during Fall semester. 

    EML 121 Intermediate Speaking, Listening and Vocabulary: This course is offered during Fall semester. 

    Speaking/Listening Courses:

    EML 205 Applied Academic Speaking and Listening Discussion: This course helps non-native English speaking undergraduate students gain confidence to participate in lively classroom discussions, debates and give presentations. The course offers 4 credits of Gen Ed. ‘O’ credit. This course is only open to students with first-year 1, 2 and sophomore 1 status. 

    EML 214  Critical Analysis & Argument: Focuses on critical thinking and debate. This is a 7-week course for 2 credits appropriate for English-language learners.

    EML 215 Speaking Skills for Bilinguals: This course helps bilingual students (ideally students who have been in the US for more than 2 years) adjust their accent for clearer speech by learning specific features of English pronunciation and giving professional presentations. The course offers 4 credits of Gen Ed. ‘O’ credit.

    Reading/Writing Courses:

    EML 210 Academic Writing for ELLs: This course helps non-native English speaking undergraduate students gain confidence in their written academic work. Students learn strategies for organizing, writing, editing and presenting both short and longer academic papers. The course offers 4 credits of Gen Ed. ‘C’ credit. This course is only open to students with first-year 1, 2 and sophomore 1 status.

    EML 211 Advanced English Language Learners Writing Identity and Culture Discussion: This is a course for second-language learners of English who have been in the US for several years and have good skills in English reading comprehension, but who still need improvement in advanced academic writing skills.  (First-years and sophomores should be discouraged from taking this course as it is meant for upper classmen and deals with cultural issues based on 2 years or more of experience in the USA.) The course carries 4 Gen Ed ‘C’ credits.

    EML 212 Fundamental of Academic Writing: Focuses on grammar and citation practice. This is a 7-week course for 2 credits.

    EML 213 Conquering English Academic Vocabulary: Focuses on building both general academic vocabulary and major-specific vocabulary.  This is a 7-week course for 2 credits appropriate for English-language learners and bi/multilingual students whose first language is not English.

    EML 216 English Language Development for Economics and Business: This 4-credit course is for language learners of English who have taken ELI 210 or WRIT 111, are first year or sophomore level students, and who are interested in majoring in Economics or business-related fields. The course will prepare students to become immersed in the Econ environment and mindset by using an ICL (integrated content and language) approach, and will provide opportunities to develop cultural literacy toward comprehension of a broader schemata. 

    EML 218 Advanced English Language Development for Transfer Students: This course is specifically designed for undergraduate ELL (English Language Learner) students who are transferring to Binghamton University from other institutions of higher education. The course addresses all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) as well as study skills that will be needed to do their best work in upper-level courses. Content will include an exploration of the Binghamton University context as well as major-specific developments and vocabulary. 

    Special Programs

    EML 391 ELL Outreach and Persistence: This 2-credit course teaches students how to be a mentor in the ELI Mentoring Program.

    EML/LING 491 Practicum in College Teaching: This course is for the ESAs who help in our ELI classes.  First timers earn 4 credits, repeaters earn 2 credits as limited by BU rules. Though there is a designated instructor of record, all of the ELI staff contribute to this course as we oversee our ESAs in individual ELI sections. The course is also cross listed with LING 491, so when registering ESAs, we need to pay attention to which kind of credit they want. Some of our ESAs are Linguistics majors who need a 400 level course. Others would take it under the ELI 491 flag. All do the same work.  (Students who need to overload in order to do this practicum would need to be registered after they apply for and have permission for overloading.)

    EML 492 Tutoring English Language Learners: This 1-credit course teaches students how to be an English-language tutor. There are some paid tutoring positions available after completion. 

  • Tutoring

    Our ELI tutors can help you with your ELI coursework, understanding an assignment in another class, writing, pronunciation, and so much more. 

  • ELI Conversation Pairs Program
  • ELI Conversation Circles

    The ELI Conversation Circles are developed and managed by our English Speaking Assistants (ESAs) each semester. The circles are themed discussions open to both native and non-native English speakers at Binghamton University. 

  • Academic Honesty

    Binghamton University takes academic honesty very seriously.  Academic honesty policies protect Binghamton University's research and reputation. It is important that you familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures. 

  • International Language Association (ILA)
  • Resources
    Language learning is a life-long process, but there are resources to help beyond our offerings. 
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