Academic Success Program

Get a head start on your Binghamton University education!

The Academic Success Program Online for International Students builds a foundation for a smooth entry into academic and community life at Binghamton University.

The Academic Success Program Online (ASPO) provides international students with a
pathway for starting their American college life early. This first-semester summer
program is a requirement for admission for a select group of international students.
Students apply for admission to Binghamton University as usual, and are then chosen by
the Admissions Committee to attend the ASPO.

This five-week program held during the summer is designed to help you
further develop your English language proficiency while earning up to six (6) credits
toward your degree. In addition, you will learn where to get academic support, become
familiar with the technology tools we use, and experience Binghamton University college culture through online events with fellow students, upperclassmen and faculty.

Important: The Academic Success Program is not an Intensive English Language
Program. It is only available to admitted Binghamton University students. Students who
are required to participate are notified in their acceptance letter to Binghamton. These
students are automatically enrolled once the enrollment deposit is paid. Admitted first
year students who are not required may join the program optionally.

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  • How Does ASPO Work?

    ASPO students are registered for college classes during Summer III session, allowing them to begin classes ahead of other students. Besides taking classes, they become familiar with how to study at Binghamton University through various academic and social events.

    Students take two courses in the Summer III term session: an English language development course, and a culture/academic skills course.

    As part of the coursework, students enhance their language and study skills while learning about the campus, procedures, and resources available at BU. They converse with English-speaking students, listen to guest speakers, and gain advice from mentors who guide students through the program.

  • Benefits of ASPO
    • Earn 6 Credits: Enter ahead of other first year students.
    • Adapt Smoothly: Small classes, specialized instructors, and student assistants all give ASPO students personal attention, easing the transition into a new learning environment.
    • Build Academic Skills: Learn to manage study and personal time ahead of the fall semester.
    • Familiarize Yourself with Technology Tools Needed to Take Classes: Learn how to use our learning management system, advising and tutoring tools, Zoom tools, BU websites, and other resources.
    • Learn about American Culture: Mix with English-speaking students during rewarding online events.
  • Watch a Video

    Click here to learn about ASPO

    Learn about the Academic Success Program, it's goals and objectives, and what students will learn by attending.

    Click here to hear about ASP from our students!

    Hear from former stduents about their experiences, and the benefits of attending.

    Note: This program has been adapted to an online mode during the COVID-19 pandemic. ASPO will include both classes and social events meant to enable ASPO students to meet Binghamton University peers and get to know the campus culture virtually. Upon our return to campus, safely and completely, current ASPO students will be invited to participate in department-sponsored events and ASPO reunions to recapture some of the in-person experiences mentioned by former students in this video.

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. When does the Summer 2021 program take place?

    The 2021 ASPO begins July 9, 2021 and ends August 11, 2021.  International student orientation occurs during the  3rd week of August 2021. Fall classes begin August 24, 2021.

    The program will include classes Monday through Friday starting in the late afternoon in GMT+8 and going through late evening, with social events taking place some weekday mornings and on Saturdays.

    For example, an 03:00 Wednesday class in the USA would be a 15:00 Wednesday class for student in China.

    Every effort will be made to consider the time differences that exist.

    2. Who may join this program?

    Students who join this program will automatically become matriculated students in Summer Session III at Binghamton University. ASPO students will take their required language assessment during the program, and will be able to register for Fall courses when registration opens for incoming students.

    This means that the ASPO classes count towards your GPA. You must make sure to follow the rules and regulations for both Binghamton University and the ASPO to be in good standing.


    • Pathway admitted, in-coming international Binghamton University first year students for Fall 2021 as stated in your acceptance letter.

    Not required but optional:

    • Newly admitted, in-coming international Binghamton University first year students for Fall 2021 who would like to opt into the program if seats are available. Please contact

    3. How much does the program cost?

    The cost for tuition for 6 credits during Summer 2021 is $ 6,168 USD. Approximately $500 in University fees will also be charged during the summer session. For an explanation of fees, click here. 

    After paying the Binghamton University deposit, ASPO will register you for Summer III session classes. Once registered for ASPO classes, students will receive a bill through student accounts. You will not pay the English Language Institute directly.

    All ASPO participants will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship toward Fall 2021 tuition after successful completion of the program.

    4. What does "Successful Completion" for the scholarship mean?

    • Demonstrating a professional and scholarly attitude in class and out of class.
    • Attending all experiential learning events.
    • Obeying all university and ASPO rules.
    • Passing ELI 142 and ELI 110 with a grade of C or better (Your grades for ASPO count toward your GPA at Binghamton University).

    5. Exactly which courses will I be taking?

    ELI 110 (4 college credits): This course provides instruction and practice in all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing as well as English study skills and grammar. You will receive instruction and guided practice in all of these areas with an emphasis on writing. The course includes some experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. The goal is to help you work to the best of your abilities in an English-speaking classroom environment.

    ELI 142 (2 college credits): This course provides integrated instruction in study skills, cross-cultural issues and leadership skills. The course includes some experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. The goal is to enable first year students to become full participants in an academic learning community.

    6. What technology tools will I need?

    • You will need a good working computer, web camera, and microphone. Your professor and classmates will need to be able to see you and hear you during class, and you will need to type papers and homework assignments in document files that can be uploaded.
    • You will need to be able to access Zoom.
    • You will need to access your Binghamton University Bmail and the Learning Management System being used at that time. 

    7. What are my visa requirements?

    There are two scenarios that could affect your F-1 visa standing:

    • If you are currently in the USA:
      • You will not be affected. Whichever visa you hold should stay in effect until the beginning of the issuance of the F-1 from Binghamton University. If you are unsure, contact
    • If you are NOT  in the USA:
      • You must remain outside of the USA for the entire ASPO.
      • If you are attending courses in person in the Fall on an F-1, you will need to travel after completing the ASPO in mid-August.

    If you are unable or unwilling to travel to the USA in Fall 2021 for classes, you will be able to enroll as an online student.

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